Demand of Supply

Flame on
The Party confronts the Silver Flame Mercs on their own terms,
Time Dragons on ...
The Party takes on. a Fang dragon
Flame and Flee
The Party is investigated and takes on two Silver Flame Mercs.
Four Months Of Seperation
The Group seperates to tackle individual Tasks.
  • Haix Does the Census
    • Surveyor Sees Moonwatch
    • Cyran strike in Vathirond
    • Brelish Action in New Cyre
    • Armies gathering in Droaam
    • “Armies Gathering” in Darguun
      • This is a farce engineered by bonesaw and the party.
    • Meet with Demnoc
      • He asks for notebooks recovered from Xorchilict
    • Haix Meets with several Windright Captians
  • Bonesaw Goes to Karrnath
    • Meets with Zorlan d’Cannith
    • Zorlan Introduces Bonesaw to Malevoend, high priest of the Blood of Vol
    • Learns of schema kept in Cannith South.
    • Creates spellstitched ghast.
    • Fortifies Zombie Mob
    • Expands Stronghold.
  • Pinter Goes to New Cyre
    • Rallies monks and Refugees
    • Carves several new scars
  • Aziz
    • Commits several terrorist style attcks across Breland as a Cyran Refugee
    • Destroys bridge near Wroat
  • Bob
    • Establishes connection with Cabinent of Faces.
Encountering Felix in Arcanix
The Party takes Baleshyra to claim Felix's Spell Books
  • Lilane gets implants
  • Group discovers that Felix may have more ambitious intentions than they assumed
    • Discover Felix’s Arcane device that seems to be used to extract the Daelkyr from Lilane.
  • Felix eludes the group.
  • Group fights Agony Golem
  • Group finds out about the ability of Baleshyra to control the implants.
  • Recover the Arcanum tome hidden in Felix’s study.
  • Lilane/Baleshyra learns all of felix’s Library.
  • Return to Sharn
Return to the Prime Material
After an unnkown amount of time in the Astral Plane, the group returns with Lilane.
The Recovery of the Vessel
The group sets out to recover Lilane from the Hands of Xor'chilicht

After returning to Sharn with Felix and a vast haul of Byshek ore at their disposal, the group approached the skydock, eager to be back to the comforts of their Tavern. As they prepared for docking Felix told the group that he would be off to seek the aid of one of his companions at Moregrave. The group bid him farewell upon their “landing”. The group set to taking a much deserved break from any urgent matters. They retired for a small evening meeting; they knew that their paths had to diverge a short while. They agreed to make plans on their own for a short while. They grew weary of talk for the evening and agreed to discuss the finer points of their expeditions tomorrow.

Bonesaw retreated to his cave. He meditated for some time and his thoughts drew him to Lilane. Bonesaw had become quite intrigued with properties of agony and its potential to create powerful beasts that could greatly bolster his forces. He would need a vast army of creatures to pose any threat to the evisceration of “the fleshlings”, as he liked to call them. He knew though that Lilane held some key though. He called to her in his meditation. She answered back.

She told Bonesaw that she was trapped upon the body of a dead god. Bonesaw, having dedicated some time to his knowledge of planar transit, drew the conclusion that she must surely be within the vast expanse of the Astral Plane.

At the next days meeting to plan their departures, the group realized that exactly one year has passed since their banding together at the Silvermist. Their powers had grown vastly by this point, and they turned a much better profit, but there was to much to accomplish to sit and rest on their laurels. They got to the business of planning their comings and goings.

Haix set out to draw in a large profit planned to leave the group to accompany a Noble in need of transit to complete a detailed census of Breland. Bonesaw, intended to go Northeast into Karnath to better learn his discipline of crafting undead. Pinter was to return to New Cyre to meet with her brethren. She spoke of a strange ritual scarring that she intended to obtain as well. Aziz was set out on a mission to obtain several items for Haix in return for very moderate compensation and a bit of say within the group. The group knew still in the back of their mind though, Lilane was in the hands of the enemy. She held with in her vast potential for destructive capabilities and Xor’chylic had a head start in how to extract them. The group knew though that it would not be as simple as walking in and taking her back. They needed to bolster their forces and a brief hiatus from each other would serve that purpose better.

Fate, it seemed though, drew them to her. Felix came to seek the group out. He had found Lilane with the help of an old friend, and a familiar face. The strange man that read Haix’s Dragonmark. Felix and the silver haired man insisted that the vessel be recovered soon, she was in a very dangerous situation. They agreed that they needed her to further uncover the path. They made arrangements to travel to the astral plane.

Later, from his sanctuary, Bonesaw struck a tuning fork and focused his mind on the vibration. It allowed him to alter his minds frequency and shifted to himself and a portion of his horde into the astral plane. Upon his arrival, Bonesaw learned of his zombies inability to navigate the strange gravity of the Astral Plane. He joined his compatriots who were there as astral projections of themselves, thanks to the silver haired man.

The Githyanki Diagram of Xor’chylic’s Keep

After a short bit of discussion the group was approached from afar by a pair of strange yellow skinned warriors. Their skin was pulled tight across the slender skeletal structure of their face. They wore clothes made of a thick leathery material and carried blades made of shimmering Byshek. They questioned the groups intentions and upon learning of the party’s plan to storm Xor’chylic’s Keep, they asked the group to accompany them to meet their commander.

The group bounded through the swirling grey mists to a small platform where they met the Githyanki commander. The commander told the group of the siege that was currently under way, and asked for their assistance in taking the keep and ridding the area of the tyrannical mind flayer. The group agreed to assist so the commander told them that he would assign two of his best agents to accompany and assist their endeavor. He showed them what they faced ahead. The party knew that this would be a great undertaking.

The commander called forth a skiff to sail the group into the keep of the Ilithid. As the ship approached the keep the party beheld what they were to face. Before them was a great mass of land that when looked at from afar had a vaguely human shape. Spinning within the heart cavity was a network of tunnels twisted in on themselves to form a cube. The group approached the moving entrance of the cube. After a bit of struggle to Jump from the skiff into the cube the group entered the strange place. The tunnels seemed to have a bit of gravity forced upon them which was odd for the freedom from gravity that the group had found upon their initial entry into the Astral Plane.

As they ventured in further, the party came upon a vast tunnel that extended up and down from the wall they emerged from. Twenty feet above was a vast wall of fire, and twenty feet below was a huge wall of ice. Deciding that ice would be more easily overcome than fire, the group decided to go downwards. The group destroyed a small section of the great ice wall and climbed down further. As they crossed the hole in the ice they found a tunnel at the base leading to a small room. As they opened the door they were immediately confronted with a group of dolgaunt monks. As the battled worked its way into the small room the group noticed a small cube with strange symbols marked across each of its 6 surfaces. The device hovered and spun above a small pedestal in the center of the room. A missed attack sent the cube from its resting place and as it fell to the floor something shifted within the keep itself. The gravity flung the party and the dolgaunts alike to the far wall, which now became the new floor of the keep.

After defeating the monks, the party took control of the cube and the gravity in the keep. They soon came to an area though that was not connected by walls on all sides. Aziz was able to scout out the route thanks to his ability to climb walls. They shifted the gravity and plunged deeper into the maze…


Departure To Grey Wall
The party, compelled by many forces, heads west into monsterous territories.

After witnessing what was sure to be the beginning of the end of Moonwatch, the group decided that it would be in their best interests to make themselves scarce within Breland’s Borders. Many things had been drawing the party’s interests towards the west into Droaam. The continual shipments of bodies, Agony, Dragon’s Blood, and Byshek to and from the city of Greywall made it an abundant source of valuable goods that was sure to be ripe for the plucking. At least that is what they thought.

The departure from Sharn itself became somewhat complicated as the group came upon several patrols of Silver Flame Templars in the top reaches of Lyrandar Tower. Two of them stood out from the normal ranks of armored lackeys. A small female halfling with a bow strung across her back, eyes that gleaned as they darted around the tower, was rapidly approaching Clark d’Lyrander atop a mean looking dog. At her side strode a large wall of a man clad in full gleaming plate carved intricately with the insignia of The Flame. His expression was stern and focused upon Haix’s relative who sat stoic, but nervous at his post.

As the party sat and watched, the friar and the templar took Clark to a small office where they interrogated him. Lilane sent her faithful familiar, Andromeda out to see if she could learn what they were after. The two seemed to be asking for invoices and manifestos concerning some illegal cargo coming through the sky dock. Andromeda missed the early part of the conversation so the party was unable to determine if it was in fact cargo from The Lady Dekker.

The group, eager to leave, contemplated using Aziz’s ability to dimension door them on the ship. Haix insisted that they wait though, not wanting to draw the attention of a ship leaving the dock without proper clearance from the clerk. The group pressed Haix to relent but he was adamant that they follow proper protocol in regards to his airship.

After waiting some time, the members of the flame finally began to thin around the top of the tower. The group saw their opportunity to leave. They approached Clark and asked about the strange presence of The Silver Flame templars at the sky dock. Clark assured them that they were just fishing around for some misdoing. Apparently the High Cardinal had issued an order to investigate the source of a strange shipment of containers leaving Sharn. The exact items that they were looking for still remained secret. Not wanting to let their window of opportunity pass, the group made haste to leave the docks.

The trip counted the anniversary of The Day of Mourning and on that same day, Haix sat alone in his quarters to celebrate his name day. He completely sequestered himself from the group and his crew for the entire day. Surely there was something that lingered on his mind aside from the trip at hand.

The approach to Greywall was mostly quiet. As they approached the small city just past the borders of Breland, they saw the swarms of harpies that were in the air. The cool gray stones of the city seemed to blend with the pale gray of the sky above. They approached a small, and somewhat disused, sky dock. As they approached the clerks desk, they noticed that there was in fact no clerk to be found. A stamp set there on the desk along with a long empty inkwell. The group decided that the first order of business was to find an establishment that served strong drink.

Bonesaw, having no interest in the vices of the fleshlings that he associated with, decided that it would be a great time to remove his zombie wyvern from the cargo hold of the airship. Its boney wings took to the air and were soon in a small circle surveying the whole of the city. Bonesaw took notice of a particular group of harpies that seemed to be zeroing in on a lone gnoll. Seeing a chance to cause some excitement, and possibly collect some new flying cadavers, Bonesaw swooped down to join in on the action. The group of harpies were not much to handle for a cleric of Bonesaw’s skill. The strongest of the harpies was able to escape though, much to Bonesaw’s chagrin.

Moonwatch Bound
The group sets out to make a delievery for Vundry.

Vundry bound into The Saucy Wench with a gleam in her eye. She took a seat in the VIP Section on the middle floor and ordered up a pint of ale and an order of Juliona’s pheasant with sparkle mushrooms as she began to talk with our group of adventurers. She told them that she had found a buyer for the Storm Giant pottery that she had sent the group to recover from Xen’drik.

The buyer was a merchant friend of hers that held a residence in Moonwatch. The group agreed to take the goods, via airship, to her buyer in exchange for a discount to the price of the Infernal Tome that she had located on her trip to Zilagro. The party knew that the run could be accomplished quickly and the tome had another buyer if they were not able to gather the 10,000 Galifar asking price.

With the pottery loaded, they set out for Moonwatch. The drop off for the pottery was quite simple. They anchored the airship nearby and met their contact. The man was a small elderly human that rattled on as they completed the transaction. The drop was made and as per their usual, the group sought out strong drink.

They found it in a small tavern on the eastern edge of town. They struck up conversation with some of the locals. They told the group of a pair of towers that recently started construction. There were rumors of a stash of treasure held with in. The allure of quick, and much needed gold was to much for the group to pass up. Little did they know, they had stumbled upon much more than riches.

The towers stood just east of the town. The first had already been mostly constructed, the second was nearly complete but still open at the upper layers. A small bridge connected the towers about thirty feet up. The only illumination came from a small lantern suspended from the center of the bridge.

The band surveyed the towers and spotted 3 guards, one posted atop the bridges, two others patrolling the base of the two towers. The group was easily spotted by the guard atop the towers so they decided to take them on and attempt to claim the wealth they thought was inside. As they crossed blades though they realized that they were no ordinary guards, they were Naztherune Rakshasa. The battle was trying, exhausting much of the groups energies, but they emerged victorious.

As they entered into the west tower, they stumbled across several crates that were marked as being shipped from Sharn. The party busted open the wooden crates and found the “treasure” that they contained, bodies parts.

The group ventured further into the towers. They soon realized that the tower was never meant to be tall keeps but rather they were subterranean holding rooms for a strange contraption that was connected to other bodies via “Pain Sticks” and strange tubing. They watched as the device begin to react. The heads of the dead that powered the machine let out horrifying screams. The device began to glow and opened a portal.

From that portal a strange creature began to emerge. An amorphous black beast came from the opened gate. The group knew that there was little they could do to stop this from happening so they fled the scene and rushed to the airship.

The Sharn Inquisitive reported that the strange occurrence that happened in Moonwatch left little of the city. It had been swiftly overrun by eye tyrants and fell almost as fast as they were summoned. The beholders leveled the entire community. This destruction would surely be a huge detriment to the forces of Breland as Moonwatch was the center of production for Magebred creatures.

Many questions were raised but, the call to leave for Greywall though was too great to allow time for those questions to be answered. The group bought the tome from Vundry and left Bonesaw to study it as they prepared for their departure to Droaam.

The Revelation will Come in Sharn...
The party witnesses the revelation that they have been so eagarly awaiting.

The death of Kyuss brought with it a sense of satisfaction to the group. They returned to their tavern for a celebratory drink. Vundry had come to the groups watering hole to ask a favor of them. A thief in her employ, by the name of Thorenor Arel, had apparently been revealing certain aspects of her business amongst influential people. The party sent Maxtor to deliver a message to Thorenor that if he did not desist in his dissemination of sensitive information and leave town then he would be killed. Since the message has been delivered there has been no follow up, but Vundry has not seen him around.

Vundry also mentioned a reward to move the pottery that they had stolen from the giants in Xen’drik. The details were to be discussed after the thief had been taken care of though. As they concluded their dealings with Vundry, Torwin came up to tell the group that a special guest had arrived. None other than Beggar Dane had come to enjoy the food and drink of The Wench. Haix, being the slick talking business man that he is, decided that this was a prime opportunity to build the reputation of The Wench. He procured a bottle of fine Aundarian Bluevine Wine and greeted Dane in a dinning booth. He made a good impression and invited Dane to enjoy the fine services of The Wench.

Haix made his way back to the VIP section. The group drowned themselves in Orcman’s Rum and Wine. As the evening began to wind down, there came a small group into the Tavern. Arinthal Boromar, a small halfling and member of the Boromar Clan, came to speak with the party. His entourage stood behind him watching the group carefully.



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