Demand of Supply

Departure To Grey Wall

The party, compelled by many forces, heads west into monsterous territories.

After witnessing what was sure to be the beginning of the end of Moonwatch, the group decided that it would be in their best interests to make themselves scarce within Breland’s Borders. Many things had been drawing the party’s interests towards the west into Droaam. The continual shipments of bodies, Agony, Dragon’s Blood, and Byshek to and from the city of Greywall made it an abundant source of valuable goods that was sure to be ripe for the plucking. At least that is what they thought.

The departure from Sharn itself became somewhat complicated as the group came upon several patrols of Silver Flame Templars in the top reaches of Lyrandar Tower. Two of them stood out from the normal ranks of armored lackeys. A small female halfling with a bow strung across her back, eyes that gleaned as they darted around the tower, was rapidly approaching Clark d’Lyrander atop a mean looking dog. At her side strode a large wall of a man clad in full gleaming plate carved intricately with the insignia of The Flame. His expression was stern and focused upon Haix’s relative who sat stoic, but nervous at his post.

As the party sat and watched, the friar and the templar took Clark to a small office where they interrogated him. Lilane sent her faithful familiar, Andromeda out to see if she could learn what they were after. The two seemed to be asking for invoices and manifestos concerning some illegal cargo coming through the sky dock. Andromeda missed the early part of the conversation so the party was unable to determine if it was in fact cargo from The Lady Dekker.

The group, eager to leave, contemplated using Aziz’s ability to dimension door them on the ship. Haix insisted that they wait though, not wanting to draw the attention of a ship leaving the dock without proper clearance from the clerk. The group pressed Haix to relent but he was adamant that they follow proper protocol in regards to his airship.

After waiting some time, the members of the flame finally began to thin around the top of the tower. The group saw their opportunity to leave. They approached Clark and asked about the strange presence of The Silver Flame templars at the sky dock. Clark assured them that they were just fishing around for some misdoing. Apparently the High Cardinal had issued an order to investigate the source of a strange shipment of containers leaving Sharn. The exact items that they were looking for still remained secret. Not wanting to let their window of opportunity pass, the group made haste to leave the docks.

The trip counted the anniversary of The Day of Mourning and on that same day, Haix sat alone in his quarters to celebrate his name day. He completely sequestered himself from the group and his crew for the entire day. Surely there was something that lingered on his mind aside from the trip at hand.

The approach to Greywall was mostly quiet. As they approached the small city just past the borders of Breland, they saw the swarms of harpies that were in the air. The cool gray stones of the city seemed to blend with the pale gray of the sky above. They approached a small, and somewhat disused, sky dock. As they approached the clerks desk, they noticed that there was in fact no clerk to be found. A stamp set there on the desk along with a long empty inkwell. The group decided that the first order of business was to find an establishment that served strong drink.

Bonesaw, having no interest in the vices of the fleshlings that he associated with, decided that it would be a great time to remove his zombie wyvern from the cargo hold of the airship. Its boney wings took to the air and were soon in a small circle surveying the whole of the city. Bonesaw took notice of a particular group of harpies that seemed to be zeroing in on a lone gnoll. Seeing a chance to cause some excitement, and possibly collect some new flying cadavers, Bonesaw swooped down to join in on the action. The group of harpies were not much to handle for a cleric of Bonesaw’s skill. The strongest of the harpies was able to escape though, much to Bonesaw’s chagrin.



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