Demand of Supply

Moonwatch Bound

The group sets out to make a delievery for Vundry.

Vundry bound into The Saucy Wench with a gleam in her eye. She took a seat in the VIP Section on the middle floor and ordered up a pint of ale and an order of Juliona’s pheasant with sparkle mushrooms as she began to talk with our group of adventurers. She told them that she had found a buyer for the Storm Giant pottery that she had sent the group to recover from Xen’drik.

The buyer was a merchant friend of hers that held a residence in Moonwatch. The group agreed to take the goods, via airship, to her buyer in exchange for a discount to the price of the Infernal Tome that she had located on her trip to Zilagro. The party knew that the run could be accomplished quickly and the tome had another buyer if they were not able to gather the 10,000 Galifar asking price.

With the pottery loaded, they set out for Moonwatch. The drop off for the pottery was quite simple. They anchored the airship nearby and met their contact. The man was a small elderly human that rattled on as they completed the transaction. The drop was made and as per their usual, the group sought out strong drink.

They found it in a small tavern on the eastern edge of town. They struck up conversation with some of the locals. They told the group of a pair of towers that recently started construction. There were rumors of a stash of treasure held with in. The allure of quick, and much needed gold was to much for the group to pass up. Little did they know, they had stumbled upon much more than riches.

The towers stood just east of the town. The first had already been mostly constructed, the second was nearly complete but still open at the upper layers. A small bridge connected the towers about thirty feet up. The only illumination came from a small lantern suspended from the center of the bridge.

The band surveyed the towers and spotted 3 guards, one posted atop the bridges, two others patrolling the base of the two towers. The group was easily spotted by the guard atop the towers so they decided to take them on and attempt to claim the wealth they thought was inside. As they crossed blades though they realized that they were no ordinary guards, they were Naztherune Rakshasa. The battle was trying, exhausting much of the groups energies, but they emerged victorious.

As they entered into the west tower, they stumbled across several crates that were marked as being shipped from Sharn. The party busted open the wooden crates and found the “treasure” that they contained, bodies parts.

The group ventured further into the towers. They soon realized that the tower was never meant to be tall keeps but rather they were subterranean holding rooms for a strange contraption that was connected to other bodies via “Pain Sticks” and strange tubing. They watched as the device begin to react. The heads of the dead that powered the machine let out horrifying screams. The device began to glow and opened a portal.

From that portal a strange creature began to emerge. An amorphous black beast came from the opened gate. The group knew that there was little they could do to stop this from happening so they fled the scene and rushed to the airship.

The Sharn Inquisitive reported that the strange occurrence that happened in Moonwatch left little of the city. It had been swiftly overrun by eye tyrants and fell almost as fast as they were summoned. The beholders leveled the entire community. This destruction would surely be a huge detriment to the forces of Breland as Moonwatch was the center of production for Magebred creatures.

Many questions were raised but, the call to leave for Greywall though was too great to allow time for those questions to be answered. The group bought the tome from Vundry and left Bonesaw to study it as they prepared for their departure to Droaam.



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