Coral "Asher" Redburr

Asher is a quick-witted and charming Halfling who dedicates her spiritual life to The Silver Flame, and her physical life to the care and training of animals.


Coral “Asher” Redburr

Class & Level: Ranger 7

| _.Size| _.Age| _.Gender| _.Height| _.Weight| _.Eyes| _.Hair| _.Skin|
|S|23|Female|33"|38lbs|Brown|Mud Brown|Mocha|

|.Ability|.Mod| HP: 36| Speed: 20|
|Str: 6|-2| AC: 19| Touch: 15| Flat-footed: 15|
|Dex: 18|4| Init: +4|
|Con: 10|
|Int: 15|2|
|Wis: 13|
|Cha: 18|+4|
|.Save|_.Base|.A. Mod|
.M. Mod|
|Fort: 6|5|0|0|1|
|Ref: +10|
|Will: 4|2|1|0|1|
| Base Atk: 7/2| Grapple: +1/-4|

|.Weapons|.Atk Bonus|.Damage|.Crit|.Range|.Type|.Notes|
|Longsword|5|1d6-2|18-20 x2|Melee|P/S Martial|N/A|
|Longbow +1|
13/8|1d61| x3|100ft|P Bow|N/A|
|_.Special Attacks|
.Type of Action|
.Atk Bonus|
|Point Blank Shot|Standard or Full|14/9|1d6+2|x3|30ft|P Bow|
|Rapid Shot|Full Round|11/11/6|1d61|x3|100ft|P Bow|Within 30ft Atk is 12/12/7 and damage is 1d62|
|Manyshot|Standard|10|2d64|x3|30ft|P Bow|Apply DR for each shot (2)|

|.Armor|.Type|.AC Bonus|.Max Dex|_.Check|.Spell Fail|.Speed|.Weight|.Special Properties|
|Mithril Chain Shirt|L|4|6|0|10%|20|??|

h4. Skills & Feats & Spells

|.Skill Name|.Key Ability|.S. Mod|_.A. Mod|.Ranks|.Race|.Misc|
|Handle Animal|Cha|
13|4|9|0|4 (with Blaze)|
|Move Silently|Dex|
|Ride|Dex|15|4|9|0|2 (saddle)|

|.Feats|.Special Qualities|.Items|.Consumables|
|Rapid Shot|Animal Companion|Backpack|Potion of Cure Light Wounds|
|Manyshot|Favored Enemy: Undead 4|Waterskin|Scroll of Entangle|
|Point Blank Shot|Favored Enemy: Evil Outsiders +2|Bedroll|Trail Rations (14 days)|
|Precise Shot|
2 Save vs. Fear|Exotic Combat Saddle|
|Mounted Combat|Wild Empathy|Heavy Blanket|
|Endurance|Combat Style: Archery|Hooded Lantern|
|N/A|Improved Combat Style: Archery|Flint and steel|

h4. Casting

|Spells / Day|

|Typical Spells prepared|
| Longstrider, Magic Fang|

h4. Blaze the Riding Dog

|M|2|Male|34" at shoulder|180lbs|Silvery Blue|Black with Silver Stripe|

|.Ability|.Mod| HP: 30| Speed: 40|
|Str: 16|3| AC: 21| Touch: 13| Flat-footed: 18|
|Dex: 16|
3| Init: 3|
|Con: 16|
|Int: 2|-4|
|Wis: 13|+1|
|Cha: 6|-2|
|.Save|_.Base|.A. Mod|
.M. Mod|
|Fort: 7|4|3|0|0|
|Ref: +7|
|Will: +2|
| Base Atk: +3| Grapple: +6|

|.Weapons|.Atk Bonus|.Damage|_.Crit|.Range|.Type|.Notes|
|Bite 6|1d64|18-20 x2|Melee|P|N/A|

|.Armor|.Type|.AC Bonus|.Max Dex|_.Check|.Spell Fail|.Speed|.Weight|.Special Properties|
|Leather Barding|L|2|6|0|10%|40|??|

h4. Skills & Feats & Tricks

|.Skill Name|.Key Ability|.S. Mod|_.A. Mod|.Ranks|.Race|.Misc|
3|1|2|0|4 when tracking by scent|

|.Tricks|_.Special Qualities|.Feats|
|Attack (x2)|Link|Alertness|
|Defend|Share Spells|Track|


Asher’s Black Day Letter

You can read this condensed version or read the whole thing (still in progress) here. Asher was a groundskeeper and stable hand at a Silver Flame Monastery in Cyre during The Last War. Her mother was from the White Feet tribe that still roams the Talenta Plains, so named because they paint their feet with a mixture of water and white ash before battle. Her father was an urbanized halfling, selling wares from his cart as he traveled from town to town. Unfortunately, neither escaped before the Day of Mourning, but Asher still has a grandmother living with the nomadic White Feet Tribe in The Talenta Plains. The Cyran authorities, thinking that the Silver Flame was using the monastery as a base from which to launch covert operations within Cyre, hired a group of mercenary Monks to attack Asher’s monastery, killing everyone but her. During the attack, Asher hid and prayed, pledging to The Silver Flame that, if allowed to live through the ordeal, she would dedicate her life to finding those responsible for the carnage and bringing them to justice. Asher fled Cyre for Thrane, barely making it out before The Day of Mourning. She reported the destruction of her monastery to Archbishop Kwy Jibo who sent her to an elite unit of knights to be their animal handler. She trained with them in her downtime, studying their techniques keenly. Fueled by her hatred of the Cyran monks, and her pledge to bring retribution down upon them, she learned the subtleties of swordplay, and the fluid and deadly motions of archery. Soon she joined in battle with the knights, backing them up with arrow fire as they decimated Karrnathi undead legions. There she earned the nickname, “Asher,” because she painted her feet with white ash and water before every battle in reverence to her mother’s tribe, a practice she carries out to this day. Later, she sought ways to find and hunt her sworn enemies, and has already tracked and killed two Cyran refugee monks on covert missions into Breland and Aundair. At the site of each of these assassinations Asher left her footprint in white-ash paint as a way of signing her handiwork. Pinter Malus was among the Monks who attacked Asher’s monastery, and, although neither of them knows it yet, their paths will cross very soon…

Blaze is a 2 year old black wolf-like dog with a silver stripe that runs down his back from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. Asher selected him as her companion because he was the strongest and heartiest of his pup-mates and he seemed to be marked by The Flame for some special purpose. His eyes glow silvery-white when light is shined on them in the dark.

Coral "Asher" Redburr

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