An ancient Daelkyr, shaper of the Eye Tyrants, Lord of Eyes


There are many horrors linked to the depths of Khyber, but perhaps there is none so wicked as the Lord of Eyes, the Powerful Daelkyr known as Balashyra. Imprisoned within the depths, Balashyra has waited and bided his time, watching the comings and goings of the surface through his Palace of Eyes, searching for a chance to free himself and unleash his particular brand of madness upon the face of Ebberon.

The party knows that Balashyra is using Lilane Montdragon as a catalyst from which to communicate his cryptic intentions. It is unclear to the party what exactly he plans to do with Lilane but it is almost certian that he opposes the other Daelkyr with in Lilane, Dora’cyth Macht.

The recent destruction of Moonwatch has been attributed, by the party, to the will of Balashyra. He used his earthly influence to have a portal constructed beneath the city. It ushered in a slew of Beholder Kin that ripped Moonwatch from Eberron.


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