The commander of the Sharn branch of Daask.


Female Ogre Mage (Aristocrat 3/Sorceress 4)


Cavalah came to command over the largest branch of Daask outside of Droaam by earning the trust of The Daughters of Sora Kell in political maneuvering and vicious business sense. She has one sibling, Hora’mach.

Her exact motivations and plans for the future of Daask in Sharn, much like her location, are unknown. She employs several gnoll dealers in Sharn, and has recently ordered more severe aggression placed upon her only real rival in the drug trade, Boromar. Her gnolls have been harassing many known Boromar fronts, including The Silvermist and more recently, The Saucy Wench.

Cavalah is at odds with the party, though she does not yet know them directly. They have killed many of her operatives and shut down one of her largest warehouses.


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