Gwen Dekker

A beautiful young woman with long flowing gold hair


Gwen was born and raised in Stormhome, and was friends with Haix from a very early age, and eventually they became lovers.

Tragically she was captured after the crash of The Feildia over Thrane. According to reports she was hanged in Flamekeep on Zol 17th Olarune 994 YK.

Unbeknownst to Haix, and truly most of Khorvaire The Church of the Silver Flame interrogated her for days after the crash without much allowance for food or sleep, for they had acquired information that a member of the Royal Eyes of Aundair was on board The Feildia, and Thrane brought the ship down just to take her. How they managed to hit an airship piloted by Gavrin d’Lyrandar is beyond understanding.

Special Note: Gwen was not the member of the Royal Eyes, and, in fact, there never was such a person on board, but her description somehow found its way into the hands of Cardinal Krozen, though, and the loss to Haix that day was more than enough to condemn the man in his eyes.

Gwen Dekker

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