It is impossible to predict Ilrend, he may appear as a hansom young bard, a hearty warrior, or a simple junky. He is a man of many faces, hard to find and harder to talk to in person.


Ilrend CL 7 Male Changeling


Ilrend is a difficult man to meet. His activities with the Tyrants make him an easy target for the Sharn Watchmen. As a result of being shaken down for money by the corrupt members of the watch (or just being harassed by legit members), Ilrend rarely makes personal appearances. Generally he sends one of his cronies out, disguised in one of his favorite forms.

He has been known to associate with a few known members of The Boromar Clan, though his ties are most strongly rooted to the Tyrants. This is largely because of his business, Si Shezys Shael, a brothel known for their “product quality”. It is located in the Firelight district of the Menthis Plateau.


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