Juliona "Cook" Sykes

A short, stout, middle aged woman brandishing a wooden spoon as if it were a mace.


Level 3 Expert (Cook) Juliona is a short, stout middle-aged woman with brown hair and eyes, tan skin, and a look of suspicion for anyone entering her kitchen uninvited.

Str: 10 Dex: 8 Con: 12 Int: 14 Wis: 15 Chr: 13

Hp: 15

AC: 9

Fort: 2 Ref: 0 Will: 7

Base Atk: 2 Atk: +3 1d6+1

Skills: Bluff +8, Craft(Seamstress) +7, diplomacy +6, Gather Information +6, Heal +8, Intimidate +8, Knowledge(Nature) +8, Profession(Cook) +15 (+2 from spoon, and +2 from kitchen assist), Sense Motive +8, Use Magic device +6

Feats: Skill Focus(Profession[cook]), Persuasive, Iron Will

Magic spoon +2 profession(cook) with other goodies. [counts as +1 light mace]


Born on the 1st of Eyre 960 YK, Juliona has spent most of her life in a kitchen. Her parents owned an inn in Fairhaven that was fairly well known…primarily because of her mothers cooking. She was know for serving dishes not only from Aundair, but also from all the other 5 nations, and most famous for the best beesh-berry sorbet and silverfruit pie outside Flamekeep. Thranes in Fairhaven still frequent the inn for their favorite dessert.

By 15 Juliona surpassed her mother in skill and creativity, and begun combining foods from different nations creating her own masterpieces. For the next 5 years she perfected her art, and after Aurala ascended to the throne she received a position in the Royal Kitchens in Fairhaven. It is here where she receives her magic Super Spoon of Delicious, and recognition among some Aundairian nobles.

On The Queen’s first night back from the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold Juliona serves her childhood favorite, Beesh-Berry Sorbet on Silverfruit pie. The official loss of Thaliost left a very foul taste in Aurala’s mouth, and the notion of eating a Thrane favorite threw her over the edge for a spell, and Juliona was lucky to escape with her skin. She wont likely work in Aundair again.

She flees to Breland taking the lightning rail all the way to Sharn. Unfortuneately her reputation flew faster than the elemental could carry those cars…especially with all the stops. Finding work in a kitchen truely worth her tallents has become next to impossible for Juliona, so she finally settles to cook for a small inn in Lower Dura. Her and Herschem, the keeper at her current employ, are practically a married couple at this point, and have managed to pull his uncles failing business back into the black…if barely.

On yet another rainy day in Sharn, in late Eyre, Juliona sits at a table in the common room of the next to empty inn she now works in. Eyre has not been a good month given the cook is sitting out in the common room praying someone will walk in from the rain and need her services. If this doesn’t change in the next couple of weeks this place won’t last she thinks to herself, and at that moment the door swings open. The sound of pounding rain comes barreling into the inn, and in the doorway stands a half elf. Long black hair drapes past his shoulders and his emerald green eyes captivate any others he catches, and at this moment its Juliona. He surveys the room and eventually settles his gaze on Juliona, and smiles a knowing smile.

Standing in the doorway Haix surveys the common room of The Lady’s Grace. ‘No Lady would ever grace a hole like this regardless of how clean it may be’, Haix muses. A rotund middle-aged man with the signs of male pattern baldness sits across a table from a woman wearing an apron and her hair pulled back and simply but masterfully braided. The balding man stands as Haix walks in. Obviously the Keeper from his attire, and pleased smile. Haix glances down at where the womans hands rest on the table and, as expected, found the obvious spoon of Royal chefs of Aundair. A broad grin splits his face as he looks up into the eyes of Juliona Sykes, the most imfamous cook in all of Khorvaire. “I have a proposition for you, Juliona. I wish to put your tallents to good use…to wipe that horrid frown off of your beautiful face.” Haix says in a calm, relaxing tone with a gentle smile. “Today is the beginning of your second campaign to glory!”

Juliona "Cook" Sykes

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