Rand d'Lyrandar

A tall half elf with shoulder length brown hair


Born aboard a galleon sailing into the hilt of the dagger river, Rand was destined for greatness. He grew up in Sharn, but sailed around Khorvaire from the time he turned sixteen, and has never wanted another life.

The least mark of storm manifested on his first journey to Xen’drik at the age of twenty. This proved to be immensely beneficial because the captain of the ship he was to return on found himself at the bottom of the sea after an attack by a dire sea snake. Rand took charge and ensured that the rest of the crew, and all of the artifacts on board made it safely to Morgrave.

He was greeted with great celebration, and adorned with numerous awards. Wives and mothers of the surviving crew threw their arms around them in turn, and covered his face with kisses.

Rand d'Lyrandar

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