Thom Morrus

Human Bard


Level 3 Bard Thom is a very lean man of average height with brown hair draping to his shoulders, and moushtashes draping down past his chin. He wears elegant, yet flamboyant garb, and carries a finely crafted lute on his back.

Str: 8 Dex: 13 Con: 12 Int: 14 Wis: 10 Chr: 15 Hp: 14 Ac: 13 Fort: 2 Ref: 4 Will: 3 Base Atk: 2 Atk: +1(dagger) 1d4-1 +3(dagger, thrown) 1d4


Born and raised in Sharn, Thom is of average height for a human male. Light brown hair falls to his shoulders, and his matching moustashes drape just below his chin. Bright blue eyes melt the hearts of every woman (and some men) who are caught by his gaze. Some say he is too handsome for his own good, but others recognize that he is rather thin, lacking muscles all round. He does, however, see to always be in good health.

Typically dressed flamboyantly with a cloak of all colors of the rainbow, though Brellish Blue is more prevalent that any of the others. He carries an exceptional lute and his performances captivate you and old alike. He is known as one of the the few Brellish Bards who recites the Epic of the Vallian and Vigilant, and he does it well say those who have heard him.

As an up and coming performer in Sharn he seeks a regular venue to ply his craft. ~Perhaps a new Inn in Hareths Folly can serve him well?

Thom Morrus

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