Vilina d'Lyrandar

A beautiful blond female half elf, hair draping down to her waist in a long intracate braid woven with blue and silver ribbons. A dark blue bandanna, tied around her forehead, displays the Least Mark of Storm in its center.


Vilina was born on 1 Zarantyr 971YK. Her father, a decent captain, saw his daughters birth, and the next day had to leave on a journey to Zilargo. Unfortunately he was overwhelmed by the Bitter Sea’s winter storms, and his ship sank. All she has of him is a dark blue bandanna that he wrapped around her head the day he left on his final voyage. If rolled up properly the bandanna will show the Least Mark of Storm on the wearers forehead.

She grew up in Stormhome with her mother, aunt, and cousin whom she loved dearly. She was always a free spirit and strove to be out on the open seas. Quickly taking to the rapier she was fully prepared for her first voyage.

Vilina began her career in 987YK at the age of 16 helping protect Lyrandar ships sailing through the Lhazaar Principalities from Stormhome to Breland and back.

On one fateful day in the summer of 990YK, when sailing east of Port Krez on their way back to Stormhome, Prince Candalar Tholt, a lesser sea prince commanding a fleet of five ships, attempted to commandeer the brand new Wind Galleon.

Luckily captain Gerrard d’Lyrandar was one of the greatest Windwright Captains to ever sail the seas of Eberron, and he outran all but the Princes personal vessel which over came Gerrard a few hours after the initial ambush.

Vilina and the crew eventually became overwhelmed by the shear numbers that Prince Tholt had at his disposal. Vilina knew that Davy Jones Locker was her next port of call, and that its just the last step to Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead.

Something overwhelmed her, an enormous tempest coursing through her veins, and she screamed. The Least Mark of Storm manifested along the left side of her neck. An enormous gust of wind emanated from her outstretched hands and blew most of the crew that had boarded off the side and into the Lhazaar Sea.

Prince Tholt boarded personally, sword drawn, and strode up to Vilina flourishing his blade. Her fear returned. “You have cost me much, Girl, and strained my patience. This ship will be mine, but first I will kill you.” Prince Tholt said smiling.

Vilina’s heart was pounding as their blades clashed. She was going to die. Her mother, her sister, aunt, and cousin...She would never see them again. No! The warmth against her neck was enough to know she was now marked. Scions of House Lyrandar don’t give in this easily!

Candalar must have seen the tempest behind her eyes as she pressed him and he gave ground until was nearly at the railing. Something caught her eye over his shoulder, and she smiled. Giant tentacles were reaching out of the sea and wrapping around the Prince’s ship.

The great crunch as the ships hull cracked made Candalar hesitate, and in his moment of weakness Vilina’s blade found its home within his heart. He died, clinging to the railing, watching an enormous Krakken drag his ship and the rest of his crew to the bottom of the Lhazaar Sea.

The rest of their journey back to Stormhome was relatively uneventful until they were pulling into the docks on that glorious island. There was a huge tower where there never used to be one, and ‘docked’ at that tower were two ships…in the air!

That evening there was a ceremony commending Vilina and the rest of the crew for their valiant defense of the ship, and Esravash herself offered Vilina the opportunity to train with the Maelia tel’Mys which she graciously accepted.

Her rigorous training with the Maelia tel’Mys forged her into a blade that will deftly strike the hearts of any who would oppose House Lyrandar.

The death of her cousin in 994YK broke something within Vilina. Her previously free spirited attitude turned dour. Though she still spent most of her free time in one tavern or another, she no longer danced with the nearest person, instead choosing to brood in a dark corner.

There is one other who feels the same way she does. Daen Fluin Ennes d’Lyrandar. Doesn’t he? Perhaps, with his aide, the tempest within her can be unleashed on the one responsible for Gwen’s death.

Vilina d'Lyrandar

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