Mys Hyanda

A beautiful, gleaming rapier, lightning bolts etched into the blade, with the least mark of storm as the pommel.

weapon (melee)

+ 1 Rapier 1d6 + 1 (18-20×2)

Current Value: 2,320 gp


Mys Hyanda, roughly translated from Elven as Storm Blade, was bestowed upon Vilina d’Lyrandar, after her graduation to Storm Sentry, by Esravash d’Lyrandar. His blade is etched with lighting bolts like the blade of every Storm Sentry, and capped with the tell tale pommel of every high ranking member of House Lyrandar, The Least Mark of Storm.

Vilina wields Mys Hyanda with pride and determination, and he will fend off any threat to House Lyrandar or its property.

Mys Hyanda

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