Mys Shyr

A beautiful, gleaming rapier with the least mark of storm as the pommel

weapon (melee)

+ 2 Rapier 1d6 + 2 (18-20×2)

Current Value: 8,320 gp


This sword was presented to Haix d’Lyrandar by Esravash d’Lyrandar upon being raised to the position of Windwright Captain. The name Mys Shyr roughly translates from Elven as Storm Bolt.

Haix has carried the blade with him since, and will die with her dropping from his hand.

Mys Shyr was recently abandoned, unwillingly, in a botched mission to apprehend a councilman’s aide. Naztharune were present, and “The Revelation” nearly came to pass. It is currently in the possession of High Cardinal Krozen, and is likely being used to scry on our intrepid captain.

Mys Shyr

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