The Lady Dekker

A georgeous House Lyrandar airship with a fire elemental bound into it.


Colossal vehicle; Airworthiness +6; Shiphandling –4; Speed Fly 176 ft/rnd (poor), Overall AC –3;

Hull sections 1,000 (crash 250 sections); Section hp 60 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Ram 12d6; SA fire ring; SQ resistance to fire 10, hover; Space 90 ft. by 300 ft.; Height 50 ft. (fire ring has 110-ft. diameter); Watch 20; Complement 150; Cargo 30 tons; Cost 92,000 gp.

Hover: Despite its maneuverability rating, an airship can hover and has no minimum speed required to maintain air travel. It cannot turn in place, however.

Ring: An airship can use either a fire or an air elemental. A burning fire elemental bound into a ring deals 3d8 points of fire damage to any creature or object passing it touches. When an air elemental is used, the damage is bludgeoning.


”I christen you ‘The Lady Dekker!’” -Haix d’Lyrandar

The Lady Dekker, fresh from the workshops in Zilargo, was christened by Haix d’Lyrandar upon being raised to the rank of Windwright Captain. She is crewed by half-elves, their skills recognized by House Lyrandar to be truly top notch, and were thus assigned to aide Haix in ensuring that every trip has a return journey.

Her maiden voyage was from Stormhome where she was christened to Sharn, with a stop in Arcanix for Lilane to retrieve some notes from her master, and for Haix to acquire some fine Aundairian wine.

On a journey to New Cyre and back she was attacked by a contingent of Daask members led by the brother of Cavalah. She was severely damaged but maintained airworthiness to finish the return trip to Sharn.

She has traveled around Breland, and has even made an excursion to Xen’Drik.

Her Crew

The crew of The Lady Dekker consists of 25 half-elves, 15 male, 10 female. All are expert(sailors 1) from Aundair. There is also an expert(cook 2) on board manning the galley.

They were all hand picked by The Windwrights Guild to man a new ship captained by one of the finest pilots in all of Khorvaire. Their ages range from 19 to 27, but are all top notch sailors fully prepared for the action and adventure sure to follow a Windwright Captain.

They are known for singing the song ‘Once more into the skys!’, a parody of the old seafarers song ‘Once more over the waves!’, which was “written” by Reng Nagel, one of the seasoned vetrans aboard The Lady Dekker.

Crew Roster

Name Rank Gender Nationality Number
Haix d’Lyrandar Captain Male Aundair 0
Gavrin Valleau Commander Male Aundair 1
Margana d’Lyrandar Lt. Commander Female Aundair 2
Bokk Hugrin Lieutenant Male Aundair 3
Breyten d’Lyrandar Lieutenant Male Aundair 4
Sanne d’Lyrandar Ensign Female Aundair 5
Gavrin Ostren Ensign Male Aundair 6
Fientia Romhaar Ensign Female Aundair 7
Beleth Rhuli Petty Officer Female Aundair 8
Kleris Rhuli Petty Officer Male Aundair 9
Urik d’Lyrandar Petty Officer Male Aundair 10
Tyman Caldamus Petty Officer Male Aundair 11
Beleth Bateu Petty Officer Female Aundair 12
Jurian Karch Sailor Male Aundair 13
Flerentia Jurians Sailor Female Aundair 14
Vilina Zenden Sailor Female Aundair 15
Retief Sykes Sailor Male Aundair 16
Reng d’Lyrandar Sailor Male Aundair 17
Sarelo d’Lyrandar Sailor Male Aundair 18
Killian d’Lyrandar Sailor male Aundair 19
Juliona d’Lyrandar Sailor Female Aundair 20
Tak Acker Sailor Male Aundair 21
Kaine Riston Sailor Male Breland 22
Riki d’Lyrandar Sailor Female Breland 23
Soranda Smyth Sailor Female Breland 24
Wroenna d’Lyrandar Sailor Female Breland 25
Saal Ostren Cook Male Aundair #


Name Former Rank Gender Nationality Number
Reng Nagel First Mate Male Aundair 1
Huys Merchiot Sailor Male Aundair 2
Agate Mantanye Sailor Female Aundair 3
Gwen Bacher Sailor Female Aundair 4

About the crew

  • Reng Nagel is the First Mate aboard The Lady Dekker, and a childhood friend of Captain Haix d’Lyrandar. He has short blond hair, fair skin, and blue eyes with a long scar that crosses between them. Deceased: Incinerated by a fireball cast by an ogre mage on the return trip from New Cyre. He managed to save the life of Captain Haix just seconds before. He will not be forgotten. Once more into the skys! Into the skys until I die!


  • Gavrin Valleau has been sailing for almost a decade, but wanted a captain that could challenge his skills. He now has his chance, and intends to prove his worth with blood, sweat, and the grace of The Storm. With Reng’s counsel, Haix named him lieutenant commander aboard the ship, expecting superior performance. He is nearly six feet tall with shoulder length brown hair, green/blue eyes, and skin darkened from years on a sun-blasted deck.


  • Margana d’Lyrandar is the highest ranking female aboard ship, and has a no nonsense attitude about what needs doing. She has a wicked quick tongue and eyes of blue ice. She holds great respect for those wiling to push the limits of elemental vessels, and is second cousin to Haix. She has red gold hair that drapes down her back in a long, intricate braid.


  • Bokk Hugrin is the bookie aboard the ship. He always carries his dice and cups on his person, and calls them his talisman. He is young, barely past his twentieth name day, but few captains wish to work with him regardless of his skills. Esravash d’Lyrandar personally selected him to fly with Haix because his skills are exceptional, and his attitude fits better with the crew of a Windwright Captain. He has a winning smile that, when delivered, seems to make his green eyes sparkle. His jet black hair is held back by a leather cord wrapped around his forehead. He happens to be the shortest member of the crew at a mere five feet tall.


  • Breyten d’Lyrandar comes from a long line of sailors, and more than a big head about it. He tosses dice with Bokk, and plays cards with most of the ‘sailors’ aboard. He is of average height, and has short dark hair, and crisp blue eyes. He loves to quip those below him, but has little spine. Hes a loose cannon, and every captain he has sailed with has recognized his skills, but condemned his haughty attitude.


  • Sanne d’Lyrandar is the complete opposite of Breyten. She’s a hard sailor, with a taste for the drink like most have, but has self control that most lack. The glint in her brown eyes names her true…a woman who loves the sky like a husband. She is often on top of the forecastle directing the sailors at the front, golden hair streaming behind her as the ship zooms along, and first to the ballista if confrontation arises. Never does she take herself as more than she is, but only as what she is.


  • Gavrin Ostren, brother to Saal, has sailed since he was fifteen, and that first sailing was nearly a decade ago. He’s a quiet man, a masterful card player, but not one for games of pure chance, like dice. He had never seen southern Khorvaire until Haix brought him to Sharn. He has found great enjoyment in the city, particularly in the firelight district, though the brothel his cousin had advised him to has recently been shut down. It had something to do with zombies, and when next he sees that cousin he’ll have some ‘splainin to do.


  • Fientia Romhaar is a quiet young woman, but, as noted by Rand d’Lyrandar, and every captain she has served under, she will fight tooth and nail to see her charge safely back to port. Standing a short jaunt above five feet tall, she has flame red hair that she keeps pulled back and tied with a black ribbon, and her brown eyes are soft and welcoming. She doesnt take to the drink much, save for a glass of wine, and prefers reading to gambling like many of the others.


  • Beleth Rhuli is sister to Kleris Rhuli, and always in competition with him. She has risen through the ranks step for step with her brother, and has only served two weeks on a ship without him in the five years they have been sailing. She can drink, gamble, and carouse like most of the men, and has a tendency to attract more wenches than most men would wish to deal with…and that is how she likes it. She is rarely seen without her brother, and without the voluptuous bosom, and buttox, you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart.


  • Kleris Rhuli is brother to Beleth, and could be her double if not for the lack of chest and butt. His hair, like hers, falls just short of his shoulders in flowing brown waves, framing a pale, beautiful face with eyes that are sometimes blue, sometimes green…and sometimes both. He and his sister can both drink the rest of the crew under the table, and are still the first to rise for the days work.


  • Urik d’Lyrandar is a hard man, and one of few words. His short black hair stands in many small spikes which give him the look of a porcupine. Dark, almost black, eyes peer from his face as stones. Few know much of Urik beyond his firm stance on discipline, and his lack of compassion for those who stray from it.


  • Tyman Caldamus is the liveliest of the entire crew. Seeing him without a smile is like seeing the sun at midnight. He can compete with Beleth Rhuli on the number of wenches ploping into his lap on any given evening, and is only a few drinks behind her and her brother. He refuses to tie himself to anything except the sky, but has not received a scar like Reng from ‘forgetting his goodbyes’. He’ll toss dice, play cards, and even stand at the very tip of an airship with barely enough space for his feet to stand together, looking over the edge, blood rushing to his head with the excitement of the potential fall. Haix had to call him down more than thrice for doing that between Stormhome and Arcanix...let alone on the trip back to Sharn. If he doesnt end up just falling off one day, he’ll find himself captaining his very own ship one day.


  • Saal Ostren is brother to Gavrin Ostren, and the cook aboard The Lady Dekker. His cooking is simple, but nutritious, and full of flavor. Hes not one for fancy meals, but one for hearty meals that can be enjoyed, or at least endured, day in and day out. His red hair is kept short, and his hands work the kitchen knives deftly. He does not approve of his brothers involvement in the firelight district, and mocks those who become sick after eating someone else’ cooking, as his brother has done many a time. He has great respect for those who take their craft seriously, and Haix is no exception. Saal has even pleased Lady Esravash on one of her forays into Thrane.


  • Beleth Bateu is the daughter of Dover Bateu, and the youngest of the crew at only 17. Her father advised her to apply for Haix crew because hauling cargo always chaffed her, and growing up she would create trouble whenever she could. She never expected that working with a Windwright Captain, with their notoriously reckless reputation, would be so rigorous. On the day they were accosted on the return trip from New Cyre she saw how Haix handled the airship, how much he needed the entire crew to work as a well oiled machine. She understood, and earned her wings that day.
  • The rest of the crew are fresh meat at this point, having not made much of a name for themselves, though what work they have done has marked them with great potential. The were chosen with their skill and willingness in mind, and are expected to be honored many times by House Lyrandar for their service.

Once more into the skys, up oh so high! Once more into the skys, forever, till we die!

With Haix to lead our faithful steed! The Lady Dekker, swift is she! Up in the sky we fly so high! Up in the sky until we die!

Once more we join the eagles and doves! Once more we venture to where we love! Once more we fly into the sky! Into the sky until we die!

The Lady Dekker

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