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  • Tavern

    h2=. *{color:maroon}The Saucy Wench* _"The go to place for anyone with taste!"_ The Tavern is located in [[Hareth's Folly]] in [[Middle Dura …

  • Bullet

    The Bulletin Board in [[Tavern | The Saucy Wench]] has numerous notices for the patrons from special beers and wines currently available, to special events happening, and many others.

    * *Attention Adventurers!* Do you need transportation to some …

  • SurlyWenchAcct

    *Income Ledger For the Saucy Wench*

    Below is the total monthly income of The Saucy Wench, less more high stakes sales. The GP on the table represnts a combination of Liquor, beer, wine, food, and lily sales. Also included are any bonus GP from World …

  • VIP Section

    h2. Are _You_ on the list?

    The VIP section at [[Tavern | The Saucy Wench]] is a true thing of decadence and luxury. Attentive, and attractive, young serving wenches tend to every need you may have. Fine quality beverage is reserved for the guests …