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  • Drugs

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    One of the major criminal organizations within [[Sharn]]. They are predominantly halflings, but has a mixture of all the common races. Recently they authorized the opening of a new Inn, [[Tavern | The Saucy Wench]], to be run by the party. [[BoroA | …

  • Daask

    One of the criminal organizations within [[Sharn]] made mostly of monstrous races. Ir is the sole pusher of [[Dragons Blood]] (soon to be de-monopolized by [[Boromar]]). Backed by the wisdom and power of the [[Daughters of Sora Kell]], Daask has an …

  • Punky Brewster

    h2=. *{color:red} The Punky Brewster* h5=. _[[Sharn|Sharn's]] premier potion brewing and alchemical needs emporium._

    The Punky Brewster is conveniently located in the [[Bazaar]] district in the middle wards. We carry any selection of …