Beggar Dane Advice

“Beggar Dane Says…”

Beggar Dane is well known in Sharn and beyond. Nearly every reader of the Sharn Inquisitive knows and regularly reads his advice column. Collected below are a collection of some of his best lines. Some are funny, some honest, and some are just plain good advice.

“You cannot punch magic.”

“Just because you have giants, doesn’t mean you need to use giants.”

“This all sounds bad for business.”

“How much grease do your palms require?”

“Everything’s BIG in Xen’Drik!”

“Women can be fierce if you forget to say ‘goodbye’...even once.” -Reng Nagel

“Oh go kill a gnoll you son of a bitch.”

“Thousands of years of war has not destroyed the City of Towers…I doubt a few selfish pricks can change that.” -Haix d’Lyrandar

“Who uses Dream Lily anymore? That’s so 998!”

“You can’t smite dreams!”

Beggar Dane Advice

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