Breland Brew Fest

Farday, Vult 20th – Sarday, Vult 28th at The Saucy Wench!

It’s Breland Brew Fest

Beer house

Take some time out of your busy and hectic day in Sharn to enjoy some of the finest beers from all over Breland! The Saucy Wench in Hareth’s Folly has over 40 beers on tap, from Ale from Moonwatch, to Porter from New Cyre and all the microbrews inbetween! And we’ll be serving them all week! “Happy Hour” pricing from mid-day to sundown! So come on down and kick back, enjoy, and sample the many fine beers Breland has to offer! Competitions and Events Daily! See Torwin, the barkeep, for details!

Farday, Vult 20th: Get Jiggy! Come join the fun as we hold a Cyran dancing competition and highlight a delicious set of brews from New Cyre. Winner will be offered a position dancing at The Saucy Wench.

Sarday:, Vult 21st: Bard from the Establishment. Would you like to play music for a living? Come to The Wench to compete in a Battle of the Bards. Winner will be offered a position performing at The Wench.

Sulday, Vult 22nd: Nine Ales for Nine Sovereigns. Join us for a service to the Nine Sovereigns and a beer dedicated to each one. Don’t forget to try our Dark Six pack!

Molday, Vult 23rd: Sharn Trivia Night! Bring your friends down for a night of trivial concerns. Winning team gets a full cask of ale to take home!

Zolday, Vult 24th: Mror Holds-style Arm Wrestling Competition. Winner takes a purse of 50 galifars! Don’t forget to sample our excellent beers from The Holds (1 galifar entry fee)

Wirday, Vult 25th: Sharn Watchmen Day Debuting the NEW Redcloak Ale! Members of The Watch get their first round on the house. Show your appreciation for our boys in red and buy them their next round!

Zorday, Vult 26th: Torwin Takes All-Comers Think you can out-drink our Barkeep? You’re on! If you win you get to take home a cask of ale! If not, you’ve got to pay for all those brews that made you lose!

Farday, Vult 27th: Master of Illusion Our very own Salleon will show you the meaning of excitement and awe with his wondrous conjurations.

Sarday, Vult 28th: Masters of the Universe The winners of Farday and Sarday’s competitions put on a grandiose show backed up by Jix and Salleon to end the week.

Breland Brew Fest

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