Cain Ruul Holding Company

Cain Ruul Holdings

Cain Ruul Holding Co. was established as a joint holding venture for many local businesses in the Dura section of Sharn. They represent the vested interest in these local shop keeps and the overall wealth management of the below companies assets.

The Saucy Wench – A drinking and entertainment establishment in Hareth’s Folly.

  • Building Value, (as of 1 Zanatyr 999YK): 50,000 g
  • Monthly Income (Current Monthly Baseline): 5150 g

Punky Brewster – A magic supply shop that has recently set up business in the Bazaar district, Zoned for Magic Item distribution.

  • Building Value, (as of 1 Zanatyr 999YK): 12,000 g
  • Equipment Value: Alchemical Lab Gear: 10,000 g
  • Equipment Value: Magical Workshop Supply: 8,000 g
  • Stock, Produces an amount of Agony, As of Yet Undefined.[1]
  • Monthly Income (Current Monthly Baseline): Unkown

Storage Yard – A materials storage facility located in Khyber’s Gate

  • Building Value, (as of 1 Zanatyr 999YK): 6,000 g
  • Stock, 1300 doses of Agony.[1]

[1] These Assests are kept in a more private ledger.

Cain Ruul Holding Company

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