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Long Term Goals:

  • Continue to expand the cliff-side stonghold through undead labor and spell-weaving.
    • Underwater Hazard
    • Create many more wards and traps (Get Lilane or Haix to cast permanency on the wards)
    • Maintain and add sections to be desecrated permanently
    • Collect a vast treasure hoard with which to influence politics and warfare from afar.
    • Maintain a contingent of various undead guards for every section of the stronghold
    • Awaken some of the undead guards so that they can command troops and gain (NPC) class levels
    • Help bring about the collapse of the Aundair, Breland, Thrane, Karrnath, The Talenta Plains, and anything else that gets in the way of the undead legions at my command.

Short Term Goals:

  • Create chaos and confusion among my enemies by using a series of false sending spells.
  • Scry on my enemies to find useful information
  • Ward myself and my allies against scrying
  • Find a group of loyal servants from within the Blood of Vol to help with tasks that are too complicated or compromising for undead to carry out.
  • Recruit a cohort Bone Knight to help control more undead

Haix d’Lyrandar

Material Goals:

  • Upgrade The Lady Dekker
    • Two additional fire elementals. shooting for 1500 miles/day.
    • Device that channels some of the fire elementals power through the deck to shoot bursts of fire in designated squares. Slows movement for the round the blast fires. probably will require the ship bond to be in place first.
    • Channel fire elemental into guns that fire rays of fire. Mount gunners along the sides of the ship, and one at the rear. the guns can be charged for a number of rounds to increase damage, but can only be held for so long before the gun overheats. slows airspeed of ship.
    • 5-7 bays that open up along the bottom of the hull into extra-dimensional spaces. can filled with casks of alchemists fire for the purposes of carpet bombing necessary targets.
      • Need a way to load them. Perhaps there is an entrance into the extra dimensional space from inside the ship for loading the casks of alchemists fire and then the “bay” opens along the bottom for deployment.
    • An arcane ballista in the center that can do heavy damage. possibly hooked up to the elementals as well.
    • Interactive map of Khorvaire in the map room above captains quarters. adds bonus to knowledge(geography).
    • Add device that allows the airship to planeshift. (Stronghold Builders guide. 25000gp craft wonderous item planeshift. pg 48/49, or Arms and Equipment Guide, Rainbow Wings)
  • Build Homunculi
    • Dedicated Wrights x?
      • craft(pottery) +7 and craft(sculpting) +3
      • craft(sculpting) +7 and craft(pottery) +3
      • craft(Metalworking) +7 and craft(carpentry)
    • Airship Homunculi – 3ft long scale replica of The Lady Dekker I will dub The Chibi Dekker.
      • deck has rows of slots to place potion vials.
      • cargo bay opens into a type III or IV bag of holding to act as pack mule.
      • 5-7 small extra dimensional spaces open along the bottom to carpet bomb on a smaller scale.
    • Expeditious Messenger
    • Persistent Harrier x2
      • +dex
      • +sneak attack
    • Mithral Defender x2
      • dex from 15 to 18 and str from 14 to 16 for being made of mithral
      • evasion
      • skilled(move silently)
      • skilled(listen)
      • skilled(spot)
      • weapon ability(shocking)
  • Procure land in Valenar and build a tower
    • Airship dock & workshop
    • Item creation lab
      • tons of dedicated wrights
    • Lavish appartments
    • Another tavern/inn in conjunction with House Ghallanda. Becomes hub of highly skills pilots.
    • House Kundarak wards the item creation factory, and really all of my private areas.
    • Offer piloting services to the king of Valenar. Swiftly be able to deposit troops anywhere…especially after adding two additional elementals.


Pinter Malus

Lilane Montdragon

Immediate Goals:

  • Secure a steady line of Agony for herself at no cost.
  • Discover a way to silence or control the Daelkyr that are housed inside her head. (Which she has done temporarily with a false vision spell.)
  • Further her ”research” as to the properties of agony and other drugs.

Long Term Goals:

  • Harness the power of the Daelkyr before freeing herself of them.
  • Involuntary, Act to further the wishes of Belashyrra.
  • Involuntary, Act to further the wishes of Dora’cyth Macht.
  • Become powerful and influential enough in the Tyrants to learn the truth about the deaths of his birth parents, his foster parents, and his fiancĂ©e.
  • Infiltrate the Cabinet of Faces
  • Kill anyone who is perceived as threat to his mission or anyone he cares about at that moment.
  • Decapitate the leadership of the Silver Flame.
  • Get wasted.
  • Stay wasted.
  • Become the next Sword in the Darkness, a leadership position of great importance within the Tyrants


Current Party Info

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