Daughters of Sora Kell

The Daughters of Sora Kell are the main ruling body of Droaam. They are made up of a covey of three hags, Sora Katra, Sora Maenya, and Sora Teraza. The group knows little of the sisters at the moment, but it looks as though their paths may intersect more later.

Individually, the Daughters of Sora Kell are three of the most powerful beings on Khorvaire. Sora Maenya and Sora Katra are monsters of legend. Through Sora Teraza, they glean insights hidden to all but the most powerful of seers.

Sora Katra

Renowned in song as the trickster of the deep swamp, Sora Katra has been a figure in Brelish folktales for centuries. Stories abound of those who have gone to her in search of secrets or treasure, planning to best her with wit or steel. With few exceptions, these tales always come to a bad end. Her charisma and skill with words are remarkable, and while the threat of violence forms the foundation of Droaam, Sora Katra’s rhetoric is quickly building a fanatical following for the hags.

Sora Teraza

There are few legends of Sora Teraza. Until the founding of Droaam, only the most erudite bards had heard of the blind crone said to wander the Demon Wastes. Many believe that she is the motivating force behind Droaam—that she was the one who sought out her sisters, guided by an oracular vision. She speaks rarely, but her sisters pay close attention to every word.

Sora Maenya

Sora Maenya has terrorized the Eldeen Reaches for generations. Her strength and appetite are legendary, and she is said to have wrestled the dragon Saerylak and devoured him raw. Few creatures have survived her iron grip, and she takes personal pleasure in breaking giants and other monsters that challenge the Daughters. Over the centuries she has devoured shifter tribes and left entire villages barren and empty. She takes great pleasure in hunting rangers and other human prey. While many Droaamites adore Sora Katra, far more fear Sora Maenya.

Daughters of Sora Kell

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