Haix's Prophecy

The Mark of Haix


ach dragon mark tells a story, an infinately small piece of the incomprehensibly vast scope that is the Draconic Prophecy. Marks can grow and change over time, their readings are only valid for the day it was read. The ambiguous nature of the prophecy stems from the fact that it is broken up into so many pieces. It also lends itself to varied interpretations of the same reading.

The following is the Mark of Storm as it was read from the body of Haix d’Lyrandar some years ago. The exact date is not known, as of yet.

The age of men may meet its end, as the madness1 frees dark lords2 again.

Eyes will follow to guide the troop, that will break the seal and three fates dupe.

Upon division of the band, pain and terror will hold the land.

A darkness then will manifest, to make itself an unwelcome guest.

When the keys are set away, borders and boundaries begin to sway.

The storm will carve paths from north to south, with sword and cutlas, will and mouth.

From Home to Reach and Reach to Home, Bountiful Treasures will be known.

Deep set scars will be the way, the disenchanted steal the day.

A guide to some, a bane to most, a lavish way to honor ghosts.

The ore of earth and solid might, will bring the lords of men to fight.

Blood soaked eyes will soon see, and guide the vessel to destiny.

The revelation will inflict great harm, which first will come in depths so warm.

Where air rules above and fire below, the fractures of madness will start to show.

If the Vessel3 is full then those spaces are grown, If left empty, the fates will, be known.

The leaders of men may stand pure and proud, in efforts to escape this shroud.

From this wickedness a hero is cast, uniter of nations, destructor of pasts.

Should goodness prevail, then all hope is lost, with no hero you can pay no cost

Rings of Sibrys begin to fall, Ebberon thunders a last call.

Then the good know the price to fail, Then Khyber shall draw the veil.


1 This is a likely reference to Xoriat.

2 This may refer to either the imprisoned Rakshasa Rajahs or the Daelkyr.

3 It was revieled by a Rakshasa Sorceress that Lilane Montdragon is the vessel.

Haix's Prophecy

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