Assigned Projects

These projects are assigned usually at a pivotal time in your character’s life. Events such as attaining a high level of power, becoming extravagantly rich, becoming a destitute beggar, or choosing a path against your alignment. The project may invoke restrictions upon your character until completed.

I think that these will help us set up some fantastic villains for our good party. We can document our characters as they build on their evil tendencies and their horrible vices so that we have a great story to tell of how they came to be the powerful foes that they will most certainly become.

  • ”Pinter’s Monastery” (Required to Level / Unlock A New Quest) – With the recent promise of a restored Cyre, Pinter has begun to recall the place she used to call home. Describe the monastery that you came from in Cyre. Be sure to include notable characters, the overall layout, people that you remember, and your favorite memories of the monastery.
  • ”Shivoden’s Song” (Required to Level / Unlock a New Quest) – Shivoden’s appearance in Sharn was a surprise even to him it seemed. Bring to light the series of specific events that lead to the Quirky bard to come to Sharn.

Bonus XP Projects

These projects are available to anyone wishing to complete them. They are usually something to build more depth into the actual fabric of our neighborhood, crews, enemies, histories, or entertainers. The page will be linked and detailed instructions will be given on that page. Please do not edit the title portion of the page as I have a few GM links that might point to that. The XP values are at the end of each list item.

If you have an idea for a project create a link in the bulleted list below. The page that it creates should contain your proposal and what you intend to do. The current GM will assign Bonus XP values for said task.

You may only take one Bonus assignment at a time and that assignment must reach completion before you can take on another. If you decide to take on a project, or you complete one, please edit this page. Put your character name after the project slug with italics when you take a project and in Bold when you complete it note it as such… as such:

  • Bonus Task _ – Blah blah blah ipso blah, _Taken by Vorj
  • Bonus Task (xp Value) – Blah lava barf fink, Completed by Vorj

Available now:

  • ”Tell me a Tale” (50XP Each Entry)
    • Use the adventure log as a basis for your character’s journal entries. Add each entry as a comment to the individual entry. There is a possibility to enhance the XP award by giving a particularly insightful glance into your character’s thoughts and personality.
  • ”Still Working on That Book of Yours?” (Varies 200-2000 XP)
    • Write a story of fantasy or fact, or a book of prose and flowery words, that exists as a book in your characters collection. The tale need not be set in Ebberon. This will be some of the foundation of the Party Library. XP will be based on quality of the piece. They should be relativly short stories or poems. (2-4 pages MAX) The cover of the first book is already up!

Group Projects

These will award an XP bonus to the whole group but each item requires a part from EACH player.

Available now:

  • ”Develop some character” (500XP Each)
    • All players must create up to date Character Pages using Haix d’Lyrandar’s character page as a reference.

Completed projects

These are just here as a record of completed homework / world building.

  • ”Haix’s Crew” (Required to Level / Unlock a New Quest) – The crew of The Lady Dekker demands a little respect, be of House Lyrandar and all. Write a short description and important information (including rank) about your crew.
  • ”Bonesaw’s Manifesto” (Required to level / Unlock a New Quest) – The Idea of a Blood of Vol warforged is strange seeing as they have no blood. Write a story about how Bonesaw became a member of the blood cult.
  • ”That wench needs something to do!” (250XP ) - Celebrate a unique annual holiday that has been cooked up by those clever business folk that run The Saucy Wench to draw in customers. Completed by Bonesaw
  • ”Name that Wench!” (250XP) – The lovely ladies of The Saucy Wench are tired of being called “wench” all day and night. Develop a short paragraph for each of our 3 wenches. The Paragraph for each one should include the name and race of each wench, where she comes from, what brought her to Sharn, and any quirks or personality traits. Describe ALL 3 on this page here. Completed by Haix
  • ”A Shanty for the Tavern” (500XP Each / A 3 month long bonus Mod to the income of the tavern)
    • The group will decide on a central refrain for the song, then each player will write two verses for the song. The group must perform the song in character and at The Saucy Wench and hope that it catches on. Think “My Bonnie went over the ocean”


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