House Lyrandar

The Mark of Storm

”Sovereigns and Firstborn, grant me the four blessings promised to our people: dominion over the air, dominion over the water, fortune for my family, and fortune for my future.

-From the Oath of Lyrandar

House Lyrandar consists of half-elves with the Mark of Storm. The house appeared in pre-Galifar Thrane two thousand years ago, but today it operates out of Aundair to avoid the restrictive rule of Thrane’s theocracy. The house matriarch, Esravash d’ Lyrandar (NG female halfelf, expert 7/dragonmark heir 2), oversees both the Raincallers Guild and The Windwrights Guild from the island paradise of Stormhome, which the house created off the coast of Aundair.

The Raincallers Guild helps farmers across Khorvaire, as well as any others who need to affect the weather in a localized area. The Windwrights Guild controls a vast shipping and transportation business that operates in the air and across the seas. With outposts in Breland, Aundair, Zilargo, Thrane, Valenar, and Karrnath, House Lyrandar’s shipping and transportation services rival those of House Orien, and the two often compete over contracts that could be fulfilled over either land or sea. The half-elves find few opportunities in the Lhazaar Principalities, however, and often come into conflict with ships of the Lhazaar princes in the open seas.

The Storm Front is rumored to be a cult operating within House Lyrandar whose members believe that the Mark of Storm is not a gift of Arawai and Kol Korran, but the mark of the Devourer. Cult members maintain that the greatest members of the house live on as krakens in the deep, and that these immortal elders guide the Storm Front through visions.

The Firstborn

The title of the matriarch or patriarch of the house. The current holder of this title is Esravash d’Lyrandar. Firstborn is also the title given to the first two to manifest the Mark of Storm, Lyran, and Selavash. Many within the house believe that ‘The Firstborn’ still guide the house to this day, and some believe they live on as immortal krakkens within the deep.

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