Main Quests

I’d like to use this page to post the “Current Quests” to after they’re taken off of the Home Page. It’d be cool to keep track of those. Between this and the group goals page we have a bit of redundancy, but I’m unsure what needs to go where.

I.O.U.Pay back the loan the Boromar Clan gave us to set up the Saucy Wench. Arrangement made with Garret Boromar on Vult 13th to pay 30,000gp and have the remaining balance of 1750gp taken out of our next month’s cut. We are now full owners with no debt on this property. Let’s make some modifications!

Getting Rid of HarashEliminate or discredit Harash in the eyes of Daask in order to get him replaced with a leader that can be corrupted into working for the group. Or better, discredit Harash so much with Daask that he will work for the group. (Complete, killed Harash on Aryth the 20th, 998)

A Daask Taask – Find out what Daask is up to with all the Dragon’s Blood coming into Sharn

The Infernal Device – Learn about the source the strange object that was recovered from Ilrend’s hidden chamber. (Gave up the Device to some Tyrants, including Feren Maltak, in exchange for one half of the output of Agony from said device. First shipment to be picked up Vult 4th, 998 by Torwin)

Special DeliveryRetrieve 25,000 vials of Dreamlily from a processing facility near New Cyre and smuggle them into Sharn (Completed on Aryth 20th, 998)

Convoy KillersGarret Boromar has hired us for a mere 5,000gp to kill an Orien outpost’s leader, who is working with Daask to help bring in Dream Lily. If we can figure out where the convoy is coming from in Droaam we can earn an additional 4,000gp (not that we have to tell Garret we found anything even if we do). So far we have discovered that House Tharashk has a monopoly on mercenaries hired to protect caravans in Droaam, and that the captain of the outpost does work in the morning but largely seems to be an incompetent drunkard. The real man that makes the decisions and is on the take from House Tharashk is the booking clerk who sells passage on Orien coaches into Droaam.

Kill KyussAfter a meeting with Cavallah at one of her outposts in Sharn, she asked us to kill Kyuss in exchange for a lot of Agony and a place to store it.

Main Quests

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