Party Gang Reputations


Party’s Reputation with Gang: 75 Revered

The party has completed several small tasks for Boromar and has earned a fair amount of trust. Ridding Sharn of Ilrend definately helped to push this level of trust but now that trust hinges on the party’s ability to repay their substantial loan taken out to open their new tavern, and become successful pushers of Lily. (Score: 61)

With the delivery of a huge shipment of Lily aboard The Lady Dekker and the recent slaying of one of Daask’s commanders, Harash, The party has curried enough favor to meet with the higher ranking members of the gang. (Score: +24 = 85)

The Group has failed to coordinate plans with their division leader, Garret Boromar. He begins to grow suspicious of the group. (Score: -10 = 75)


Party’s Reputation with Gang: 30 Cautious

Daask has seen many of their plans crushed by the party. By killing Ilrend the party took out a connective link between to gangs and suffered in their acclaim amongst both Daask and the Tyrants. The group also managed to kill Adelpha and raid a Daask warehouse, as of now the offical credit for that task has gone to a Watchman that the group was able to befriend and make a patsy of. (Score: 23)

The group has killed Harash, and Halamach, and now Cavalah will want to bring an end to this menace once and for all. The party will do well to be cautious as they roam around Sharn. They have surely even drawn the attention of the Daughters of Sora Kell. (Score: -22 = 1)

Cavalah has become quite pleased with the actions of the party. They have aided in the slaughter of a worthy adversary, and have also embarked on a dangerous mission to gather information on a potential betrayer. Cavalah still does not trust the group but she sees now that they have their uses. (Score: +29 = 30)


Party’s Reputation with Gang: 75 Revered

The Tyrants know very little about the party, save for a few reports from loyal customers about a raid on Ilrend’s brothel in the Firelight District. The gang knew that Ilrend was up to something and thusly do not completely fault the party for his demise but their willingness to kill a member of such a powerful organization with so many ties has lead to their questioning of the party’s motives. (Score:29)

The party later learned that Ilrend was a betrayer to a higher boss, Feren Maltak. Feren, angered by Ilrend’s theiviery of The Infernal Device, sought out the party and asked them to meet him at his office in Firelight. Their willingness to meet under amicable circumstances boosted the trust enough, but the retrieval of the device was what really sealed the deal. This may be the ally that the group needs to take down Daask. (Score: +22 = 51)

Agony has become the cornerstone to the party’s success with the Tyrants. Feren Maltak has seen a significant boost in income since the party has helped him in maintaining a steady supply of agony to sell to customers at his brothels. He has in turn found new avenues to produce pain in greater quantities. The recent bargaining in New Cyre, has gained Feren a strong foothold in the next big drug market. (Score: +24 = 75)

House Tarkanan

Party’s Reputation with Gang: 40 Indifferent

House Tarkanan has no real knowledge or prejudice against the party.

The Sharn Watchmen

Party’s Reputation with Gang: 30 Suspicious

The party’s early scuffles with the law, and recent killing of several guards in the ward of Callastan near the Silvermist has led to talk amongst watchmen about the strange band of adventurer’s. Luckily those talks have not yet cycled up to the higher ranking officers in the watch. The party’s favorable status with Boromar probably had a little something to do with that too. (Score:30)

Blood of Vol

Party’s Reputation with Gang: 40 Indifferent

The cult has been keeping tabs on their Warforged member, Bonesaw. The group he has joined up with has neither disrupted, nor enhanced the cult’s plans, and so they are content to wait and watch. The recent and unfortunate raid by The Sharn Watchmen on Bonesaw’s apartment made the cult a little wary of approaching the group for help for fear of being exposed and attacked by the Watch.

Unnamed branch of The Cult of the Dragon Below.

Party’s Reputation with Gang: 10 Despised

The promise of a powerful sacrifice to the great Khyber from Pinter has piqued the curiosity of the cult. Promises are easy to make though. (Score: 40)

After tiring of the constant harassment for a sacrifice, the party decided to meet the head of the unnamed cult, Kyuss. They proceeded to raid his temple and destroy his Dolgrim and Dolgaunt servants. Kyuss slipped away before the party could destroy him. He is undoubtedly plotting his revenge. (Score: -30 = 10)

This Branch of the cult is no longer, due to the untimely death of its leader.

The ranking system is set on a scale of 0 – 100 reputation points (with 0 being hated by the gang and 100 being a trusted high ranking member or confidante of the Gang).

  • 0-5
    • Hated. The party is treated as a threat and usually marked for removal or execution. The gang may send assassins to make attempts on their life.
  • 6-15
    • Despised. The gang will actively try to kill the party, especially if they show up in the gang’s territory
  • 16-25
    • Distrusted. The gang will not allow the party to use any service or purchase any product they may offer. The group may be forced to leave any such establishment by less than polite means.
  • 26-30
    • Suspicious. The party has shown inclinations to the gang that they might be on opposing sides. Generally the gang will not take overt action to threaten the party but they will watch the party. The party may also not be allowed to enter certain gang establishments.
  • 31-50
    • Indifferent. The gang has no strong feelings about the party. A score of 31-39 will occasionally draw a negative reaction while 41-50 will get a slightly better chance of favorable meetings.
  • 51-60
    • Cautious. The party has put in some work and the gang will allow them base level privileges but they still don’t fully trust them.
  • 61-75
    • Trusted. The party has shown a reliable work ethic and an ability to aid the gang’s endeavors.
  • 76-85
    • Revered. The gang truly believes in the party’s ability to get things done, if there is something to be handled, the party will be among the first to be asked to handle it.
  • 86-95
    • Honored. The party has earned favor among the gang and may draw a small stipend from the gang’s activities.
  • 96-100
    • Worshiped. The party has completed some epic task or saved the gang from a powerful foe that they could not take down on their own. Earning this rank is supremely difficult, only powerful gang leaders usually hold this position. It comes with many, many benefits.

Party Gang Reputations

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