“Skilled Pilots Needed!”

Calling all skilled airship pilots in Sharn! The Skydocks have become overwhelmed with a back log of work due to the current state things in Sharn. Below is a list available runs to be made. If you are interested in taking on the task, please follow instructions listed below and register your flight with the the clerk of Lyrandar Tower

Domestic Flights

In Essence, it is in a Sense, a Census – Filliam Bettsburg, a dignitary from Wroat, has been commissioned by the king himself to survey the kingdom of Breland in whole. He is to collect information about the way of life in and around all of Breland. The trip he expects will last 4 months and will carry very little risk to the airship or crew. Inquire at the diplomatic building in the upper wards of Central Plateau.

  • 4 months travel time
  • Occasional Body guard services may be required.
  • 120g/day: standard travel fee
  • Total Payout: 13440 Galifars

Intercontinental Flights

The Jewel of my Eye – A recent discovery has been made in Xen’Drik, a vast cyclopian ruin. It is believed to be the temple complex of a great cyclopian priest and his fanatical followers. While the cyclopes may be gone, there are sure to be new horrors that wait inside. Unfortunately the expedition is on limited funding, but there is the potential for great gain on the journey. Interested parties should seek out Rhallda Bernaal in the Cyclopedia Wing of Morgrave University.

  • 2 weeks travel time each way, plus estimated expedition time 1 month. (est. 2 months total)
  • Will require an adventuring party of at least 3 members to assist in explorations
  • 35g/day : Travel fee is limited due to budget constraints
  • 15% Take on all profits made from the trip
  • Total Payout: 1960 Galifars + 15% of expedition earnings

MechaGiant – Rumors have begun to swirl about town after an adventuring party in Xen’Drik recovered a set of what appears to be primitive, giant warforged schemas. The artificers of Morgrave University have devoted much of their budget this year to researching this primitive mecha-giant and is seeking to put together an expedition to a remote part of the jungle where they believe this machine to be buried. The pilot would have to be able to supply a group of adventurers to help clear the way. Interested pilots should seek out Thormen Meridian in the Artificers Wing of Morgrave.

  • 2 weeks travel to base camp, plus expedition time (est. 2 1/2 months) (3 1/2 months total time expected)
  • Will require an adventuring party of at least 4 members to assist in explorations
  • 140g/day : Travel fee is boosted due to the danger of the trip and bodyguard services.
  • All relics and artifacts will go to the researchers.
  • Total Payout: determined by total days spent


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