Punky Brewster

The Punky Brewster

Sharn’s premier potion brewing and alchemical needs emporium.

The Punky Brewster is conveniently located in the Bazaar district in the middle wards. We carry any selection of components you might need. Everything from eyes of newt to horse feathers. Check out our special on feather fall tokens, two for the price of one!

We specialize in complex brewing procedures and have expert Alchemists working in our employ. We keep a stocked shelf of commonly used brews and have them ready to go. Convenience is king when shopping at The Punky Brewster. All potions guaranteed not to kill you, or your money back!

The Punky Brewster: Behind the Store

The Punky Brewster is another front. Its true purpose is to house the groups machines for extracting and utilizing the liquid agony that is produced here. The group currently employ Feren Maltak as their brew master. Feren has had some great success in helping to extract the product and has only recently begun to experiment with its utilization. Feren crafts at a rate of 5 craft points each month.

Current Reserve: 15

Device Ability Craft Points Required Other Requirements
Pain Extractor Draws 1 Dose of Agony/day, see item sheet 5 1.5 Lbs. Byshek
Pain Sarcophagus Drains Agony at 4x Speed, can draw 2 doses/day with no CON damage. 10 10 Pain Sticks to Activate, 15 Lbs. Byshek Ore to construct

Punky Brewster

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