Side Quests

Our anti-protagonists not only work together to further their goals, they also have plans of their own that don’t include the rest of our intrepid party. Here they keep track of these quests they intend to complete. Notate your current side quests here, and cross out those that have been completed.


  • Strengthen Tyrants and Cabinet of Faces in Sharen
    • Cripple Daask
    • Get better relations with Boromar Clan and House Tarkanan
    • Remove all nonnative criminal activity within the city


  • Census
    • Shmoose with the nobles and heirs on board, and those in the cities and towns stopped in.
    • Pay House Lyrandar 3000gp of the 13440gp payout.
    • Put in an additional 60gp to reward the crew.
    • 10,000gp left for my own devices.


  • Escape Xor’chylic’s keep.
    • Learn What he intends to use Lilane for.
    • Steal any Supply or any worthwhile articles.
    • Entrap the Flayer on The Astral Plane.


Side Quests

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