An island off the northern coast of Aundair. Technically it is part of Aundarian lands, but House Lyrandar actually controls the city/island. This is the birthplace of Haix d’Lyrandar, and the central hub of all of the House’s activities. With their Mark of Storm, the House has created an area of perfectly temperate weather that permanently covers the island, despite its northern latitude.


The Great Tree

The oldest tree in the city. Located in Lyrandar Park near the southern coast, the tree has many low hanging branches for easy climbing. Many young people get their first kisses in this tree, and some adventurous individuals get quite a bit further in those ancient branches.


One of the oldest skydocks in Khorvaire, and certainly the most elaborate. Few House Ghallanda inns can compare to the decadence within the Stormhome Skydock. It has physical docks to accommodate 27 airships between the three docking levels. There is also a classy restaurant and small inn within the tower, as well as an enclave for The Windwrights Guild.


The Winds Favor Inn

A well known inn in Stormhome, and the site of Haix first date. Though it has not affiliation to House Ghallanda, the Winds Favor has a great reputation, and is a major competitor with Ghallanda not only in Stormhome, but is world renowned. This is often the place where newly weds have their first meal, and where well to do youngsters go on their first dates.

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