Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

The best of all pawn shops in Sharn. Filled to the gills with curiosities and strange belongings from around the whole of Khorvaire! Bring your goods in as trade! Vundry always offers the fairest of prices for your goods. Located in the Bazaar district. Easy sky coach access!

Current Specials:

These Little Lights of Mine…

A mistake in ordering has allowed the liquidation of several rings of light at unbelievably low prices. We have light casting rings of many varieties and all priced to go! Stop in and walkout a little bit brighter.

Prices Vary, visit for details.

Backroom Offers:

Mask of Misplaced Aura

This mask allows the user to create a false identity linked to the mask. This false identity can withstand almost all magical scrutiny. Such items are rather illegal here in Sharn, but none the less, very worthwhile to possess. It could be yours, for a fair price.

Price: 79,000 Galifars

Demonic Texts Sold!

An ancient tome on the nature of the The Infernal Devices or so-called “Pain Stick”. Vundry has guarded its information closely. It could shine light on the true nature of the pain sticks.

Price: 10,000 Galifars

Tabula Rasa

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