The Saucy Wench

”The go to place for anyone with taste!”

The Tavern is located in Hareth’s Folly in Middle Dura. It is a three story tall section of tower. The Wench specializes in cuisine and drink taken from across all of the Five Nations. With the Skydock of Sharn so close, fresh ingredients are shipped in daily to produce some of the finest fair in all the city. Expert Chef Juliona “Cook” Sykes has created a fine selection of potables that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating of pallets.

Also the service at The Wench is beyond reproach. The ladies of The Wench make sure every patron leaves with a smile.

Take a look at our First Annual Brew fest ad in the Sharn Inquisitor

On the wall just inside the entrance is a Bulletin Board. Special notices for patrons will be placed here from time to time.

The Saucy Wench’s Jingle, is performed far and wide by the many bards that have frequented The Wench.

The Ledger is available to those with the proper access.

The Menu:

Daily Specials:
  • Sul Owlbear Omelet – with any two your choice of bacon, sausage, cheese, peppers, or onions
  • Mol Giant Spider Leg – roasted to perfection and served with garlic butter
  • Zol Aundairi Dragon Salmon – in butter and dark wine sauce
  • Wir Spicy Fire Beetle – cooked in its natural juices. Crispy on the outside, sweet and hot in the middle
  • Zor Marches Manta Ray Fillet – a generous portion of Ray with peas in a creamy sauce
  • Far Beef Boranel – full side of beef served with bread and King’s Forest mushroom stuffing
  • Sar Roast Sea Cat – as full of flavor as it is dangerous, served with a claw or tooth

Meat Entre (your choice of two sides)
  • Sizzling Pheasant
  • Gold Pheasant – stuffed with sparkle mushrooms and rice
  • Brelish Hart Steak and Gravy
  • Kingswood Boar – in creamy morel mushroom sauce
  • Talenta Slow-Roasted Mutton – with pita and tzitziki
  • Wroat Braised Lamb – in rosemary garlic sauce
  • Zilargo Spider Monkey Curry

Seafood Entre (your choice of two sides)
  • Catch of the day
  • Vralkek Spicy Monstrous Crab Leg
  • Trolanport Seafood Curry
  • Karrn Bay Soft-shelled Lobster
  • Stormhome Garlic Shrimp and Clams

  • Lhazaar Fried Calamari
  • Fresh Raw Hilt Oysters on the Half-Shell
  • Hot Crispy Stirge
  • “Meleon’s Gate Goblin Fingers” with Creamy Dipping Sauce (spicy fried chicken strips, 5)
  • “Cogs Rat Fingers” with Sweet Mustard Sauce (fried chicken strips, 5)
  • Xen’Drik Fried Jungle Spider with Horseradish Sauce
  • Banana Leaf wrapped Zilargo Tamales (2, Boar or Mutton)

Soups & Salads
  • Farmers’ Stew
  • Flint Keep Seafood Gumbo
  • Lake Galifar Turtle Soup
  • Gatherhold Cucumber Soup
  • Kingswood Mango Salad (seasonal)
  • Fresh Green Salad (seasonal)
  • Valenar Olive and Caper Salad
  • Moonwatch Fruit Salad (seasonal fruits) No Longer Available due to the destruction of Moonwatch.
  • Red Beans
  • Kobold Dirty Rice
  • Karrnathi Vedbread
  • Salted or Pickled Herring
  • Pickled or Boiled Eggs
  • Baked or Mashed Potato
  • Carrots (seasonal)
  • Broccoli (seasonal)
  • Canned Fruit
  • Fresh Fruit (seasonal)


  • Wench Sauce (the tavern specialty)
  • Karrn Pilsner
  • Aundairi Lager
  • Talenta Stout
  • House Ghallanda Special Reserve
  • Dryad Mead
  • Wychwood Hobgoblin Ale
  • Shadow Marches Grog
  • Lhazaar Pale Ale

  • Cabernet Valenar – Nine Sovereigns (995 YK from Aundair)
  • Chianti – Nine Sovereigns (996 YK from Aundair)
  • Port – New Cyre (997 YK from Breland)
  • Valenar Blanc – Soul Tinder Vineyards (996 YK from Thrane)
  • Merlot – Soul Tinder Vineyards (995 YK from Thrane)
  • Q’Barra Noir – Galethspyre Vineyards (993 YK from Breland)
  • Malbec – Galethspyre Vineyards (994 YK from Breland)
  • Bluevine – From the Bluevine region of south central Aundair (Vintage 994YK (1 bottle)
  • Obsidian Port – Galethspyre Vinyards (995 YK from Breland)

Liquors of Khorvaire
  • Captain Orcman’s Rum (Shadow Marches)
  • Karrnathi Deluxe Whiskey (Karrnath)
  • Grey Wyvern Vodka (Darguun)
  • Ancestral Sake (Aerenal)
  • Fist of Onatar Tequila (Talenta)
  • Scimitar Brandy (Valenar)
  • Stormhome Gin (Stormhome)

The Ladies of The Saucy Wench

The Saucy Wench has many lovely ladies serving its patrons. A pretty face, a winning smile, and the backbone to deal with the drunken louts out for a night of bottom pinching were all requirements, and the three sauciest were hired.

Itsi Toppe, The Saucy Wench

Itsi is a young lass from Sharn itself. She stands barely over five feet tall, is dark of skin and eyes, and wears her hair cut short. Her voice is soft and melodious, and her hands quick. She is still a few years shy of twenty, but needs to help support her family after her father took ill. She is a diligent employee, and gives short shrift to any who attempt to take advantage with a tongue like a razor.

Chantal Haldron, The Very Saucy Wench

Chantal is a half elf from Ghalt, east of Passage in Aundair. Her fair skin and blue eyes are contrasted by her dark brown, almost black, hair. Young, though more than twenty, she stands about five and a half feet tall, and her cheeks dimple whenever she smiles. She moves with the grace of an elf, and has a voice to make men melt. She has a very open and honest personality, and is very playful with the patrons. Her quick wit keeps most of the louts down, but she has been know to slap a man or two for going too far…though shes also been seen taking a pinch to the bottom with nothing more than a smile and a chuckle. Chantal has a particular fondness for Dwarves.

Interestingly, she arrived in Sharn the day The Saucy Wench first started hiring, and was one of the first to apply.

Sasha Faded, The Sauciest Wench

Sasha has been in Sharn since the 14 Therendor 994YK. She was attempting to return to Cyre from Breland when the grey mist flowed up to the boarder, devouring everything she knew and loved. Nearly five years has passed since that fateful day, and Sasha has changed much in the passing time. She is no longer the quite, conservative little girl she was growing up.

She has moved from job to job since the mourning, even spending a brief time in the Firelight district of Sharn working for a man named Ilrend. She recently got a job waiting tables at The Saucy Wench, and is surely the favorite amongst the regulars.

She stands five feet eight inches tall, and has long brown hair falling half way down her back. Her brown eyes peer out through curled bangs and have a glint of something mischievous. She always seems to be dancing, even when just taking an order. The blood of Cyre flows strongly through her veins it seems. She doesnt seem to mind the poor behavior of some of the patrons that frequent The Wench, and even seems to enjoy the bottom pinching they doll out.

The Saucy Shanty

Originally performed by Thom Morrus

Verse 1

The Wench went to Xen’Drik to catch her a spider,

she Fried it right up, and now it’s inside her.

she’ll stew you a boar, she’ll sizzle a pheasant,

with sparkling mushrooms, nothing ever tasted so pleasant.

Verse 2

When The Wench is done eating, she gets a big thirst.

She opens a bottle of Orcman’s Rum first.

Then she breaks into the Ancestral Sake,

but if she’s not careful, she’ll end up quite sloppy.


Come on down, peasants an nobles alike.

Drink our spirits, make your spirits light.

Whether fresh off the boat or just in from a flight

The Saucy Wench has all your delights.

Verse 3

She gathered around her the best entertainers,

From minstrels to dancers to spectacle makers.

All of her acts will entertain you,

but they’re even better after you’ve sampled our brew.

Verse 4

But the best thing of all when you visit her place,

Is the Saucy Wench, and the grin on her face,

She smiles ‘cause she knows she has the most buxom young beauties,

With gleaming white smiles and big, luscious booties.

Verse 5

So come one, come all, to Hareth’s Folly,

Eat and drink and make yourself jolly.

The barkeep is Torwin, he’s not quite as saucy,

But He’ll serve a drink to you and your posse.


Come on down, peasants an nobles alike.

Drink our spirits, make your spirits light.

Whether fresh off the boat or just in from a flight

The Saucy Wench has all your delights.


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