The Windwrights Guild

The Windwrights Guild dominates the shipping trade. The core of the fleet is made up of elemental bound vessels and airships of House Lyrandar, crewed by heirs of the house and providing speedy transport by water or air, though the vast majority is made up of independent captains who need not be heirs of the house or even half elf.

Guild Chapterhouses

The Guild has numerous chapter houses throughout Khorvaire. They vary in size and scope from city to city, but all include a chapter leader called a Mys Jhaedaes or Storm Leader. All of the Mys Jhaedaes report to the current head of House Lyrandar, Esravash d’Lyrandar.

New Cyre Chapter

Lia d’Lyrandar, Mys Jhaedaes of the brand new chapterhouse in New Cyre, is quite proud of her position, and runs the facility with an iron fist. She keeps her white hair pulled into a tight bun atop her head. She has the air of a stern grandmother, always there if someone needs help, but unwilling to deal with anyone’s nonsense. Esravash d’Lyrandar chose her not only because of her bureaucratic skills, but also because she was born and raised in Cyre. She is always elegantly dressed, and can often be found at the theater when her free time permits.

The chapterhouse is small, but finely decorated. All of the furniture was made by some of the most exceptional craftsmen from Cyre itself. Deep blue rugs cover the floor. Intricate silver scroll work runs along their boarders with Lyrandar imagery in their centers. Darkwood paneling lines the walls, and a modest chandelier from Thrane hangs from the common room ceiling, its flamic style oddly appropriate.

Stormhome Chapter

The Mys Jhaedaes, Jakk d’Lyrandar, has been overseeing the largest chapter house for almost 40 years, and during his tenure he has ensured that his charge has the finest amenities for its members.

The walls are panelled in elegantly polished darkwood, and huge Cyran carpets cover the floor in vivid reds and blues, and many have gold boarders coming to tassles at the corners. Tapestries line the walls from across Khorvaire depicting glorious battles, galleons fighting through rough seas, one of the house founders, and, of course, a huge blue one, lined in gold, with the mark of storm in silver crossing its face. Beautiful couches and chairs made of the finest Karrnathi leather fill the common room along with finely crafted darkwood side tables. An elaborate chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling bathing the entire common room in a soft glow.

A set of double doors at the back of the room leads to a spiral staircase, made of white marble from the Mror Holds, wide enough to let four to walk abreast. The second and third floors have numerous private meeting rooms, offices, a formal meeting chamber used for important ceremonies, and even a store room of special good available only to guild members.

Sharn Chapter

Located in Lyrandar Tower of Upper Central, a few floors below the Skydocks, the chapter house in Sharn is second only to the one in Stormhome. Rand d’Lyrandar heads the chapter, and is well favored in the eyes of House Lyrandar.

The chapter house itself is primarily a large common area filled with tables, chairs, and couches. The floors are covered by elaborate carpets, and tapestries cover the walls depicting imagery significant to House Lyrandar the newest of which displaying an airship, soaring through the clouds, flying a flag bearing the greater mark of storm. A door in the back leads to private meeting rooms, and Rand’s office.

Whether day or night the chapter house has members lounging about discussing everything from shipping routes to their exploits while sailing under extreme pressure. Often there are Windwright Captains strutting about with their chin held high, arrogance seeping out of every pore.

Wroat Chapter

Notable Members Lyrandar dock

Guild Affiliation

Favored Race:Half Elf

# Criteria Score
1 Character Level +1/2 character level
2 5+ Ranks in Profession(sailor) +1
3 10+ Ranks in Profession(sailor) +2
4 Has Dragonmark(storm) Least, Lesser, Greater 1, 2,+ 3
5 Is a Windwright Captain +2
6 Has the Elemental Helmsman feat +2
7 Completes mission on behalf of the guild +1 each
8 Completes mission on behalf of House Lyrandar +2 each
9 Make and important discovery that benefits the guild +5 each
10 Loses or destroys guild property -1/1000gp
11 Steals from Guild -10
12 Lacks ranks in Use Magic Device -2
13 Lacks ranks in Balance -2


Score Rank Benefit
0-4 Sailor No Benifit
5-10 Pilot Can acquire traveling papers for himself to anywhere in Khorvaire for free. (passage must still be paid) +5 to Gather Information, and Knowldege(Geography) checks made within a chapter house.
11-25 Captain Same as Pilot but also for up to 4 companions. House Lyrandar will pay a portion of the import taxes on all cargo. Checks become +10
26-40 Commodore As above but they also gain preference at any skydock where a chapter house is located. Checks become +15


2 Is Half Elf +1
6 Has skill focus(prof sailor) +2
9? Destroys ship of an private pilot +5 each

The Windwrights Guild

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