VIP Section

Are You on the list?

The VIP section at The Saucy Wench is a true thing of decadence and luxury. Attentive, and attractive, young serving wenches tend to every need you may have. Fine quality beverage is reserved for the guests of the owner, “Cain Ruul”. No one knows how to get on the list but they truly envy those who do.

The following is a list of the Current VIPs allowed in the Section.


Cost: Loyalty, Secrecy, and the occasional odd Job.

Benefit: Several Networking Opportunities, A discounted rate for “Fencing” Services,

Maxtor Tet

Cost: 500gp / Month, Random Monthly “Bar Tab”

Benefit: +10 to Knowledge(Daask) and Gather Information(Daask) Checks.

Ferun Maltak

Cost: 50% of Lily Production

Benefit: Added Research Bonuses to Agony, Production of Agony at The Punky Brewster, Tyrant Networking

Shane Decker (Inactive)



Felix ir’Lemna (Temporary)

Cost: Return of Lilane

Benefit: Knowledge(drugs) +10, Knowledge(arcana) +10

VIP Section

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