The Last War still lingers in the air across the whole of Khorvaire. The Five Nations have a peace after the Treaty of Thronehold, but it is tenuous at best. Tensions have begun to peak at the western borders of Breland as well. The Daughters of Sora Kell have begun to push their hordes in an attempt to claim their right as a nation after being excluded from the original peace negotiations in Thronehold. Argonth has even been detoured from the Mournland borders to help quell any upcoming invasion that the hags may have in store.

In addition to political tensions, new intrigue has come to light. There are a barrage of organized crime syndicates that have risen to power, predominately out of Sharn, The City of Towers. Chief among these have been the Boromar Clan, a group of halflings that run the largest drug trade, and Daask, a group of monsterous humanoids from Droaam that are vying for control of the illicit substance market. Though Boromar has the foothold now, Daask has recently begun to edge their way towards the top of the food chain.

Dream Lily has been a staple substance amongst the dregs of society thanks to its low cost and ease to produce. The recent campaign by Lord Commander il’Tyran has put a bottle neck on the influx of Lily though and harder more dangerous substances have surfaced. Dragon’s Blood, a powerful alchemical substance with the ability to amplify the effects of both Dragon Marks and Arcane powers has been shipped in under the watches radar. The power that it holds has created a high demand for the drug, and the addiction that stems from it has ensured that the demand never decreases. Though the influx has been vast, the exact source and nature of the drug is unknown to most.

More worrisome though is the sudden appearance of Liquid Agony, a viscous, blood-like liquid that is extracted from victims with strange infernal devices after they have been tortured to the point of breaking. The substance causes waves of ecstasy initially but, it seems that it may be linked to something far more sinister.

This is where we join our party, a group of cut throats and outcasts that are seeking to gain power that they were denied previously in their lives. They have secured a prominent position among the ranks of the Boromar Clan but their allegiance lies only with their own individual lusts for power and wealth. Their quest has thrust them into the middle of the power struggle between Droaam and Breland. There also appear to be more secretive forces at work, the lingering question though is to what ends are these forces working?

Kyber Opens His Maw

Upon the culmination of a years worth of efforts, the group is much changed.

There is a darkness that is quickly descending over Breland. Hoards of monsterous beasts are being massed at the borders of Droaam, presumably at the behest of Daughters of Sora Kell. The armored fortress of Argonth has been detoured from its patrol along the borders of The Mournland to help quell this problem. It has become apparent to our group though that there is much more of a dastardly plot afoot involving the Hags, The Lords of Dust, and The Dalkyr. Some evil thing is brewing deep in the depths of Khyber, and it is surely about to spew forth into the world of Eberron. The question is whether the party will help this evil or quell it before it boils over.

The party has come a long way from their days of peddling Lily out of the Silvermist. They have a huge stake in the affairs of almost all gangs operating out of Sharn. Their fairly new tavern, The Saucy Wench, has become the talk of all Hareth’s Folly and most of Sharn as well. The tavern operates as a successful front for the party’s more illicit dealings. The flow of lily from the groups holdings has increased. They have a decent supply of Dragon’s Blood and have begun to produce a supply of Agony out of their new store front, The Punky Brewster, in the Bazaar district. While the agony has proved a less financially secure investment, the group has learned of several new uses of the drug and its supernatural properties.

Haix d’Lyrandar has gone from a low ranking member of House Lyrandar to a well respected captain of The Lady Dekker. Granted, Haix does not always use his airship for the most lawful of endeavors but he is faithful in paying his tithe to the house and is able to thusly keep them off his back. The recent news of High Cardinal Krozen’s arrival in Sharn has rekindled Haix’s rage against the Silver Flame. Haix’s privacy is also assumed to no longer be secure. After a recent botched shake down, Haix was forced to flee the scene and leave his rapier behind. It is almost certain the eyes of theCardinal will be upon him soon, if they are not already.

Pinter Malus has taken a quite approach to the recent depraved actions of the party, seeming content to watch them spiral into oblivion. Of course, she’s happy to lend a hand if there are things to be beaten to a pulp. This insular action could be because of the knowledge of her masters death at the hands of a band of Silver Flame Mercenaries. Either way, her silence speaks volumes, but the scars that she continues to carve into her flesh speak much louder.

Bonesaw, Junkyard, or Justice? He has had many names but Bonesaw, the devout warforged, Blood of Vol priest, has seen but one vision. He continues to carve his sanctuary in the mountains north of Sharn and plot for his destruction of the flesh born kingdoms. Seeking to throw the five nations into a rehash of The Last War, Bonesaw continues to refine his skills with the undead and study the fleshlings to learn how best to exploit their weaknesses when the time comes. The allure of added power in raising undead infused with aberrant qualities to bolster their already growing power has certainly piqued his interest enough to continue traveling along with his current compatriots. His actions however, have garnered much interest. Rumors have started to spread around Sharn. Worshipers of the blood tell stories of a great master of the dark arts that frees the dead loose upon the non believers. The Warforged tell of a great construct that fights for their rights by bending the fleshlings to his dark whim. The Guard tell of a vigilante necromancer that needs to be put down. The Silver Flame circulates stories of an unholy abomination that is a direct threat to the Flame itself. House Cannith has remained disturbingly silent.

Lilane Montdragon, is rarely herself anymore. The once sweet and innocent runaway has become a sociopath with a ferocious addiction to all things intoxicating. Her consumption of Agony has been the most alarming. As the party has learned, Agony can open gateways into other places. Lilane’s intake of the groups supply has allowed her mind to be infiltrated and her powers to grow more wicked. The overthrow of her mind was begun by Balashyra who watched the group through Lilane’s eyes. During the battle with a vastly powerful Rakshasa sorceress and her Naztherune, Lilanes reserve of Agony was awakened and she recieved a large portion of the essence of Dora’cyth Macht. The group is unsure how much influence the two Daelkyr have over the mind of the person in their group who is responsible for igniting huge blasts of fire at whim. It is clear that Lilane is changing… but no one yet knows what she is changing into.

And into this twisted mess come two new souls. Bob and “Aziz” are perhaps two of the most fool hardy adventurers ever to grace the material plane or, perhaps they are merely working to further their own agendas. The group “accepted” both into the fold, sometimes by force, but still they know very little of the mysterious strangers.

Droaam calls louder everyday. Breland has brought many new questions to the forefront, but surely the trip into the belly of the beast will allow our group to see how all the pieces will come together. Khyber is beginning to stir, of that there is no doubt. The question is, how long with the group continue to poke him with a sharp stick?

Current Quest!

Pursuit of the Vessel

After Lilane was captured in Greywall the party was left with free time on their hands. Felix however, pushed the group to go seek out his former student. After a few days of scrying, Felix was able to divine Lilane’s location, somewhere in the Astral Plane where Xor’chylic had constructed an upkeep. With aid from the strange man from Morgrave University, the group made their way to the strange grey limbo that is the Astral Plane.

Once within the vast reaches of the Astral Plane the group was met by a strange yellow skinned creature that, once learning the intention of our party, insisted that the party accompany him to his commander’s chambers. It seems that the Githzerai, were currently engauged in the siege of Xor’chylic’s keep, floating in the void atop the body of a dead god. The commander of the Githzerai force told the party that he would send a small contingent to accompany the group in taking the keep. The battle at the front would supply perfect cover for the group to enter unnoticed. What strange horrors would lie within the walls of Xor’chylic’s sanctum? What were his intentions in capturing the vessel and taking her from Eberron?
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  • There is always something of interest at Tabula Rasa.
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