Demand of Supply

"Just becuase you have giants, doesn't mean you should bring giants..."

Messip is abducted by the group and much is learned.

After a week of over indulgent living and excessive drinking during the Brewfest, the party came back to the task at hand. Garret Boromar was still waiting for the party to destroy the House Orien Caravan and take the head of the captain that had betrayed him by allowing Daask shipments to come through his outpost.

The group decided that stealth was the best method, after spending a great deal of time dissuading Bonesaw from destroying the out post in a cloud of undead maulers. They flew to the western border of the outpost and concealed their entry on foot with aid of a cloud of obscuring mist from Bonesaw. Shivoden charmed Messip, allowing Lilane to teleport them back to The Dekker. Unfortunately, Lilane was a little off in her aim and placed the group a few yards away from the ship, and about 40 feet above the ground. Shivoden and Bonesaw were able to save themselves with a feather fall token but Lilane and Messip were not so lucky.

After some curitive action, the group set to questioning Messip about the strange comings and goings in the outpost. Still under the influence of Shivoden’s charm, Messip proceded to tell of his plot to make a little extra cash on the side. He began taking shipments from a Daask operative to allow certain caravans to pass without being inspected. This sufficed for a while but when Messip got greedy and demanded more from the operatives they begin to threaten him and demand passage for free. After being refused the Daask operatives decided to destroy a caravan bound for Greywall, the gateway to Droaam. Being but a small man, Messip decided to hire some House Tharashk mercenaries. The mercenaries worked for a small stipend and protected him well. He had lost his source of income though and decided to use his new found muscle to work a little protection racket. He decided to persuade Haluen d’Orien to require a protective detail for all House Orien caravans entering Droaam. With the memory of the crushed caravan in his memory Haluen agreed. Messip made arrangements for Tharashk mercenaries to be boarded and available at the outpost. As it turned out this action was beneficial to more than just Messip, who he skimmed a little off the top of each contract in hopes of being released from his debt to House Orien. Because House Tharashk soldiers are comprised somewhat of Droaamite monsters, Daask saw an opportunity to increase its earnings. Daask sent out raid parties that would attack any unaccompanied caravan thus, forcing more mercenaries to be purchased and thus increasing the House Tharashk sales, of which they recieve a cut. This healed a wound and fostered a new deal with Messip to allow the Daask caravans bound for Sharn to pass. Messip went on to say that there would be a caravan coming soon and for every coach that went out, there were one to three that would return, bound for Greywall or beyond. He did not know what any of the coaches in the caravans carried.

The group discussed the return caravans and what they might be carrying. The group thought for sometime on the issue and then Lilane went to the clippings file. She referred to an article from the Sharn Inquisitive. The recent discovery of Daask’s new drug, Devil Weed, in conjunction with the known effects of the other drugs they were producing, lead the group to deduce that they must be transporting junkies (or bodies) from the lower wards of Sharn into Droaam.

This raised many questions. Firstly, to what purpose, be they alive or dead, were these bodies being used? Secondly, if these coaches of bodies or junkies were leaving from Sharn with no problem, that meant that there was someone on the take at the Dagger Watch Garrison, a garrison that is run by a Boromar operative, Liam Halomar. The group decided to let the transport pass into Sharn for fear that if it did not pass, they may not be able to investigate their assumptions in Sharn.

After Messip seemed to have served his purpose, Pinter suggested that he be flayed open. Bonesaw’s eyes lit up with delight at the opportunity to rid another fleshling of their skin. Haix, wanting no part in this decided to drop the two sick skinners off in the woods south of the outpost. Lilanecame to watch.

After the ritual was complete the group reconvened in the map room off The Lady Dekker. They realized, after short deliberation, that without Messip there the coaches of the Daask caravan were likely to be searched. After a bit of doing though, the group was able forge a letter of inventory and even convince Haluen to stamp the House Orien seal on it. Lilane was able to pose as Messip to deliver the papers (and recieve the payment) for the caravan to pass.

They returned to Sharn post haste. There they scheduled a meeting with Liam directly upon their arrival at the wench. They gave him a description of the Half-orc that took the false documents and also alerted him to the caravans leaving to Droaam filled with “suspect cargo”. Liam agreed to alert them of anything he discovered.

Next they were to report their findings to Garret.



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