Alirdra of Clan Charix


Scout 6

Longstride shifter

above average intelligence and dexterity.

prefers a bow to the Fullblade.


Alirdra is one of the rare few of Clan Charix that is not some kind of barbarian. Both of her parents were longstriders and they taught her from an early age to move quickly and silently, and be able to gather information without being noticed. She is the best. Tales of her success have spread to every other clan in The Reaches and young boys and girls alike play at being ‘The Great Alirdra’.

She and her husband Cullar became fed up with the brutal tyranny of The Clan Chief and fled the Clan when their son was only eight, after freeing a number of prisoners that were to be sacrificed before a battle with Aundair.

After arriving in Sharn she joined a newly formed Hrazhak team, with a little coaxing from Cullar. With her stellar abilities the team was able to hit the top circuit within six months, and had sponsors shortly thereafter.

She now helps Cullar train the team, and scouts talent from the young shifters in Sharn who are playing impromptu games throughout the lower wards. She has yet to make a bad pick. Though she will never say it to anyone but Cullar she does not believe that Gur is Hrazhak material.

Alirdra of Clan Charix

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