Located in the south east of the Eldeen Reaches, Charix is one of the largest clans of shifters in all of Khorvaire. Known for their brutal tyranny since the Chruch of the Silver Flame’s inquisition of the lycanthropes. Charix led the charge against Aundair during The Last War, and notoriously sacrificed Aundairian prisoners to demoralize the opposition.

With their tremendous size, Charix has numerous highly skilled members. The most feared are the ix’Calak Char, a squad of rogue-barbarians formerly led by Cullar brother to the current Clan Chief. The ix’Calak Char are typically employed for assassinations and the capture of prisoners to be sacrificed before battle. During battle the ix’Calak Char hold back and watch. Where the enemy lines become weak they move in quickly and break their defenses, dealing as much damage as they can. They usually move in groups of five, and most members are longtooth shifters, but there are a few razorclaw, and longstriders in their ranks. There are also a number of Weretouched Masters in the clan. They lead the front lines into battle, and are the first in and last out. Weretouched Masters are always feared, but those of Clan Charix strike fear even into others of their kind.

The Clan Chief, regardless of the individual, always seems to step up the brutality over their predecessor. Few have questioned these actions, and those that did mysteriously disappear. He is easily identified by the crown he wears made of the ribs of a dozen paladins of The Church of the Silver Flame. The crown has not been washed in over 200 years and is coated with the blood of tens of thousands of slaughtered humanoids.

Only two have ever questioned the actions of The Clan Chief and survived. Cullar and Alirdra managed to escape with their son, Gur of Clan Charix and a number of Brelish explorers to the “safety” of Sharn. They remain unaware that some of the ix’Calak Char are on their trail.

Known Members

Alirdra of Clan Charix

Cullar of Clan Charix

Gur of Clan Charix


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