Formerly a city of Aundair, Thrane captured it in 926YK, and has held it ever since. A House Orien lightning rail used to pass through the city, across Scions Sound, and into Rekkenmark, but the bridge was destroyed in 928YK. Who actually destroyed the bridge is still a mystery, but many groups have come forward to claim responsibility. Many citizens still consider themselves Aundairian, and others feel they have no home because Aundair “abandoned” them to the Thranes.

The citizens have tried to revolt a number of times over the years, but these rebellions have been ruthlessly quelled. Many groups still work in the shadows to bring forth a revolution.

Notable Personalities

  • Solgar Dariznu, Archbiship of Thaliost (LE male human cleric 8 Silver Flame)

Power Groups

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